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Azziad Nasenya, born on June 16, 2000, is a versatile Kenyan actress, content creator, media host, and social media influencer. With her vibrant personality and undeniable talent, she has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry.

Azziad Early Life and Education

Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, Azziad’s journey into the performing arts started at a young age. Her natural flair for dancing and captivating stage presence set her apart. Throughout her formative years, she actively participated in school talent shows and community events, refining her skills and gaining confidence on stage. After completing high school, Azziad pursued a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, providing her with a strong foundation in media and communication.

The Viral Breakthrough

Azziad’s meteoric rise to fame can be attributed to a single TikTok video that took the internet by storm in early 2020. The video featured Azziad dancing to the infectious Kenyan song “Utawezana,” quickly amassing millions of views and catching the eye of a global audience. Her unique dance moves and infectious energy resonated with viewers, propelling her into the spotlight.

Azziad Career Milestones

Following her viral success, Azziad leveraged her newfound popularity to create engaging content across various social media platforms. She continued to showcase her dance skills, entertain her rapidly growing fan base, and collaborate with fellow content creators. Azziad’s relatability and ability to connect with her audience solidified her position as a digital influencer.

Azziad Net Worth and Awards

With an estimated net worth of $200,000, Azziad’s flourishing career as a social media influencer and her numerous brand collaborations underscore her financial success. Her impact on the social media landscape has earned her accolades, including nominations and wins in categories such as “Best TikToker” and “Social Media Personality of the Year.”

Azziad Personal Life and Advocacy

Beyond her online persona, Azziad leads a down-to-earth life, using her platform for positive change. She actively engages with her followers, offering glimpses into her daily life, and using her voice to raise awareness about crucial social issues.


Q1: How did Azziad Nasenya gain fame? A1: Azziad gained fame through a viral TikTok video in which she danced to the popular Kenyan song “Utawezana.” The video garnered millions of views, propelling her into the spotlight.

Q2: What is Azziad Nasenya’s net worth? A2: Azziad Nasenya’s estimated net worth is $200,000, a testament to her successful career as a social media influencer and her numerous brand collaborations.

Q3: What awards has Azziad Nasenya received? A3: Azziad has been nominated for and won awards in categories such as “Best TikToker” and “Social Media Personality of the Year,” recognizing her influence and positive impact on her audience.


Azziad Nasenya’s journey from a talented young dancer in Nairobi to a prominent figure in the entertainment industry is a testament to her undeniable talent and vibrant personality. Her impact on social media and advocacy for important causes make her a role model for many aspiring creators. With a promising future ahead, Azziad continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.


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