C_Ben – Cut Soap Gone Wrong [Comedy Video]

C_Ben is a hard nut to crack, why don't he always listen to instructions.To know what instruction,you need to watch this brand new skit...

Broda Shaggi -Cursed Trouser [Comedy Watch Now].

Broda Shaggi haven suffered for many years, he decide to visit a Witch Doctor for a solution to his continues financial problems. He drops this...

Caution Fee – (Oluwadolarz Room Of Comedy)Watch Now.

Imagine going into your friends apartment and then you're being caution not to touch anything because there is a certain price tag everything in...

Tetracycline And Septrin – [Comedy Watch Now].

Tetracycline and septrin is a comedy video,it's very hilarious and funny, trust me you're going to laugh till you probably forget your name. Watch below: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yte1Xggfqxg

The Sack Letter – MC Lively [Watch Now]).

Barrister Mike is on the verge of loosing his job after he was caught by his boss violating office ethics. BM knowing what was going...

Oluwadorlaz In Trouble (Olueadorlaz Room Of Comedy).

Oluwadorlaz finds himself in a big mess,how will be get himself out of trouble, watch this video below to know what landed him in...

Lotto – Yawaskits[Episode 78](Comedy watch Now).

YawaSkits drops this hilarious comedy skit,called Lotto,Watch Kalistus being embarrassed and beaten, as he get beaten to stupor over lottery tickets.What actually did he...

Call Zaddy – Mr Macaroni [Comedy] Watch Now.

At this point, this are getting crazy,Freaky Freaky Zaddy who is hoping for a nice time with a freaky Freaky has been duped after...

The Court Clerk [Officer Woos]- Mr Macaroni Versus Isbae U

The court clerk Episode 3 is out,this time Mr Macaroni And Isbae U are involved in a legal battle, watch as they faced each...

A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man – Broda Shaggi

The adage A Hungry man is an angry man is very true, as it has in many ways showed. This episode sees Shaggi feeling...