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Prince Arthur Eze Buys Latest Private Jet, Worth $150,000,000

Prince Arthur Eze private jet worth millions of dollars, one of the most expensive in the world.see the interior. Prince Arthur Eze is the Chief...

Top 10 People You Wouldn’t Believe Own Cars Worth Half A Billion Naira

Top 10 Nigerians with expensive and exotic cars worth half a billion Naira,most of whom you never knew are multi-billionaires. For some, cars are just...

Arthur Eze Net Worth 2021, Biography & Cars

The richest Igbo man alive Arthur Eze net worth, biography, private jets, businesses,wife and children. Arthur Eze is the Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Oranto...

Richest Igbo Men in 2021: Igbo Men net worth and Cars

Check out the richest Igbo men list of 2021,in terms of their businesses, cars,net worth, biography, houses and everything they own. The Igbo people are...