Ahmed Musa and Obafemi Martins, Who is Richer and Own the best Cars in football history

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Ahmed Musa and Obafemi martins who is richer, see the full details right here right now.

Ahmed Musa and Obafemi Martins, Who is Richer and Own the best Cars in football history

When you talk about football in Nigeria,
even Africa Ahmed Musa and Obafemi
Martins must be included, both the
footballers are legends with different
histories to tell our kids in the football

Ahmed Musa and Obafemi Martins are both
Nigerians but hail from different tribes and
states, Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins was born
on the 28th of October 1984 and is a
footballer who plays for the Chinese Super
League side- Wuhan Zali, as a forward,
Ahmed Musa was born on the 14th of
October 1992 in Jos, Nigeria. He is a native
of Borno State , Nigeria and he is a Muslim by
faith. He plays as a forward and left winger
for Al-Nassr, a Saudi-Arabian team, and the
Nigerian national team- The Super Eagles.
Now let’s dive into their rides, both
footballers are international so they see
luxurious lifestyles on daily bases, and both
are very rich, in fact, they can afford any
vehicle of their choice without their bank
accounts noticing it.

Ahmed Musa and Obafemi
Martins Who is Richest?

Obafemi Martin (net worth = $35 Million) is
richer than Ahmed Musa (net worth = $23
Million) but we believe that since Ahmed
Musa just signed a two-year deal with
Turkish Super Lig side Sivasspor Kulübü his
net worth might surpass Obafemi Martin in
Ahmed Musa cars
The 29 years old footballer, In addition,
loves cars and is not afraid to show them.
He has been spotted in luxury cars more
than any footballer in Nigeria, one including
a BMW he bought for his son.
2019 Mercedes Benz V Class – 62
million naira
The 29-year-old makes a huge splash of 62
million naira to purchase a brand new
Mercedes Benz V Class 2019 Zero KM.
Luxury Mercedes V-Class MPV is classy
inside, his Elite [2019-2020] variant comes
with an engine putting out 161 bhp @ 4200
rpm and 380 Nm @ 1200 rpm of max power
and max torque respectively. Mercedes-Benz
V-Class Elite [2019-2020] is available in
Automatic transmission.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter – N70 Million

Mercedes Benz Sprinter is considered a
family Van or big boy’s ride as the inside
can contain more people than other Luxury
SUVs, Musa uses this van most time for his
interstate travels with the family.
The uniqueness of the Mercedes-Benz
Sprinter is what makes it special because of
its versatility and benefits. It is a type of van
that is great for all types of use and also
included with it is the 188 horsepower and
325 pounds of torque which help to provide
a decent fuel economy.
Inside of it is a space for a bed and also,
space for the passengers which shows how
spacious it is. It can also be customized or
configured to fit what the user intends to
use it for. It is equipped with power
windows, cruise control, adjustable seats
and power side mirrors on both sides. It also
comes with multiple cupholders and
ashtrays to make it suitable for all uses.
Mercedes Benz CLS – 37 Million naira

Benz is Luxury, its very difficult for any
Nigerian worth over 20 million that won’t
like to buy any Mercedes Benz car, Mercedes
equips the CLS450 with a 362-hp six-
cylinder engine that is electronically
boosted, making it as responsive as it is
smooth. All-wheel drive, a stunning digital
dashboard with a feature-rich infotainment
system, and numerous driver aids are
additional standard features on every

Despite not being as well-rounded as the
Mercedes-Benz E-class sedan, the 2022
CLS450 attracts more curbside interest.
2017 Porsche Macan – 57 million naira

This year, a new entry-level model features
a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that
you can find in multiple Audi products, but
otherwise, it shares most standard
equipment with S models.
Porsche also added the Macan GTS trim,
which uses a higher-output version of the
twin-turbo V-6 that powers the S model. The
GTS comes standard with air suspension and
adaptive dampers, larger front brakes, 20-
inch wheels, and several GTS-specific
appearance items.
Porsche’s new touchscreen infotainment
system is now standard in every Macan.
There are also new optional LED headlights,
an available heated, microsuede-trimmed
steering wheel, and three new exterior
Range Rover Sport – 55 million naira

In 2013 got himself this Range Rover Sport,
but this Range Rover Sport is mostly used by
his second wife Juliet Ejue .

Range Rover is a spec product of Land
Rover which is a British automobile brand in the four-wheel-drive cars category that
exclusively offers premium and luxury sport utility vehicles (SUV). Range Rover is one of the youngest British car brands and
launched in 1970, it was first built in 1967
and finalized in 1969.

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon – 87 million

If I no mention G wagon waiting I gain, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is for bigger boys like Musa, Ahmed Musa, like most well-paid footballers around the world, also has good taste in luxury cars and he is not shy to flaunt them>> Check out the top 6 cars worth ₦368 million owned by Ahmed Musa, Making him oga of cars in Naija football.

Obafemi Martin cars.
The former Super Eagles striker Obagoal
owns the most expensive yacht and cars.

He sometimes shared some photos of him posing with his Obafemi Martins Iguana 31

Expedition yacht, 2017 Bentley Bentayga, and Mercedes-Benz G Wagon.

Obafemi Martins 2017 Bentley

The Bentley Bentayga is reportedly worth
$230,000 (that’s about ₦138 million). The
Bentley Bentayga is ranked as one of the
most expensive Sports Utility vehicles in the auto market. The Bentley is powered by a 6.0-litre W-12 engine that puts out 600hp
and a torque of 664-lb. Despite its over
5,600 pounds weight, the car still gets to
ride from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

Obagoal’s Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, as seen
in the photo, is worth $92,000 (₦55 million)
This makes him one of the Nigerian
footballers who own a Mercedes-Benz.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne has a particular set of
skills specifically those that have to do with
driving enjoyment. Despite being a two-row luxury SUV with a heavy curb weight, it moves deliberately and gracefully.

Every Cayenne has a cohesive powertrain,
but their potency and fuel efficiency vary
due to the sheer variety. There’s a stout 355- hp turbo V-6, a gutsier 434-hp twin turbo V-6, and a 460-hp twin-turbo V-8 reserved for the performance-oriented GTS.

There’s a 455-hp plug-in hybrid, too, that’s quick on
the street and friendliest to the environment. Inside, every Cayenne is
roomy and sturdily built, and Porsche allows extensive personalization thanks to
countless individual options.

Mercedes Benz ML350

Obafemi Martin has been spotted many
times on Mercedes Benz ML350 on his way
to his club, this 2015 M-Class is a decent
two-row luxury mid-size SUV that boasts a
posh interior and a comfortable ride. There
is also a nice engine lineup, ranging from a
fuel-efficient diesel engine to a heart-
stopping V6. Inside, the M-Class is
attractive, features user-friendly tech and
provides a lot of space for people and gear

The Iguana 31 Expedition yacht was
acquired by the footballer in 2016, to
celebrate his 32nd birthday. The yacht is
said to be worth $460,000 (₦276 million).
According to reports, the yacht can manage
25-degree lateral slopes, climb 30-degree
direct inclines, and roll over rocks as well.
The speed boat was built to cruise on any
type of sea and can sail up to 55mph.

Iguana Yachts amphibious boats are opening
a new chapter of its success story which
spans the globe with the unveiling of the
Iguana Expedition. True to its values, the
Expedition’s quality of build, sense -of detail
and robust capabilities are the “marque
de Fabrique” of the company >> Check out
Obafemi Martins ₦276m Yacht, ₦55m G-
Wagon & ₦138m Bentley Bentayga, the Top
richest footballers in Nigeria.


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