C Ben – Classic Versus Rush Hour Bath. (Watch Video).

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Benedict Chigozie Igwe popularly known by his stage name as simply C Ben,is an Enugu based comedy skit producer who use contemporary art and creativity, to dish out funny and hilarious comedy skits that are mind blowing, the talented young comedian, is being aided and nurtured by his elder brother Dominic Igwe Aka Play Maker who is also a skit maker himself, which make it easier for him.

C Ben

Born 19th July 2006,is the youngest in the family of 5 siblings.

In this brand new comedy video which is  tagged, “Classic versus rush hour bath”,is a story about everyday experience of most people, as everyone will testify to have gone through it one way or the other in their lives.The video talks about those times,when you have no were to go,and you’re in the bathroom having a bath with rest of mind,as you take your time. The other is when you’re in a hurry to catch up with an event or an appointment, meanwhile you need to take your bath real quick, in the process of having that rush bath,the water from the shower stops, and you’ll be left with no options, than to call out  for help,since the soap is over your face.

Expect great things from this young dude (C Ben),as he is very talented and well calculated, all this is evident in his works.

This guy doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down,as his mood and confidence, is top notch and he now look set to take the Nigerian comedy industry by storm, as he is already garnering a lot of fans with his videos, and the outcome has so far being mind blowing.

As you watch this video,am really sure you’re going to enjoy every bit of it,as the comedian and his team did a very nice job to make sure the video came out great and classic.

Watch Video below;



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