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Kristina Alexandrovna Gotfrid, widely known as “Cristy Ren,” has captivated the world with her mesmerizing presence on social media. Born on March 2, 1997, in Russia, Cristy Ren’s journey from a small town upbringing to international modeling fame is nothing short of extraordinary. Let’s dive into the life and career of this remarkable individual.

Cristy Ren Early Life and Education:

Growing up in her hometown in Russia, Cristy Ren completed her elementary education at a local private school. It was during her formative years that her fascination with modeling blossomed, ultimately shaping her path towards the glamorous world of fashion.

Cristy Ren Career Highlights:

Cristy Ren’s modeling portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned international brands. As a proud Aries, she exudes confidence and passion in her work. Her ascent to stardom was accelerated through her active presence on social media platforms.

Represented by the esteemed mmodels management, a project affiliated with MAVRIN magazine, Cristy Ren made her Instagram debut on April 13, 2021. She has also established a presence on MYM fans and OnlyFans, sharing over 105 captivating entries with her dedicated followers.

Cristy Ren Net Worth:

With her illustrious career and thriving presence on social media, Cristy Ren’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Her influence and impact on the fashion industry continue to resonate with a global audience.

Cristy Ren Personal Life:

Despite her immense popularity, Cristy Ren keeps her romantic life private. Admirers often wonder about her relationships and romantic interests, but the model has chosen to keep these aspects of her life away from the public eye.

Physical Attributes:

Cristy Ren stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches, with a weight of approximately 50 kilograms. Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle is evident in her impeccable physique. She boasts dark brown hair that complements her captivating brown eyes.

Cristy Ren Social Media Presence:

To stay connected with Cristy Ren and experience her enchanting journey, you can follow her on:

  • Instagram: @cristyren
  • Twitter: @cristyren_
  • TikTok:


Q1: How did Cristy Ren begin her modeling career? A1: Cristy Ren kickstarted her modeling career by collaborating with various renowned brands, gaining recognition through her active presence on social media.

Q2: What is Cristy Ren’s net worth? A2: Cristy Ren’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, a testament to her success in the modeling industry.

Q3: Is Cristy Ren in a relationship? A3: Cristy Ren prefers to keep her romantic life private, and she has not publicly disclosed any details about her relationships.


Cristy Ren’s journey from a small town in Russia to international modeling stardom is a testament to her passion, dedication, and innate talent. With a thriving career and a strong social media presence, she continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world. Stay connected with Cristy Ren’s mesmerizing adventures through her social media platforms.


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