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DJ Cndo, whose real name is Sindisiwe Zungu, is a talented disc jockey from South Africa. She was born on May 22, 1984, in Mandeni, just 45 minutes away from Durban, near the Uthukela river. As of 2023, DJ Cndo is 39 years old and celebrates her birthday annually on May 22nd.

 DJ Cndo Career:

DJ Cndo discovered her passion for DJing while studying at Mangosuthu Technikon. She honed her skills at Durban’s Finest DJ Academy and quickly became proficient in mixing. Her journey took off as she started performing at various parties around her college campus.

In 2005, Durban’s Finest, a well-known duo, recognized her talent and took her under their wing, mentoring her. This opened doors for DJ Cndo, leading to performances at prominent events across Durban.

Her career received a significant boost in 2006 when KwaZulu-Gagasi Natal’s FM launched, and Durban’s Finest secured a spot on one of the shows. DJ Cndo became a regular on these sessions, captivating audiences with her live mixes every Friday and amassing a dedicated fan base.

 DJ Cndo Net Worth:

With her thriving career as a DJ, DJ Cndo has amassed an estimated net worth of $50,000.


Q: What is DJ Cndo’s real name? A: DJ Cndo’s real name is Sindisiwe Zungu.

Q: How old is DJ Cndo? A: As of 2023, DJ Cndo is 39 years old.

Q: Where was DJ Cndo born? A: DJ Cndo was born in Mandeni, South Africa.


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