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Mthokozisi Khathi, known professionally as DJ Tira, is a household name in the South African music industry. Born on August 24, 1976, in the picturesque village of KwaHlabisa, KwaZulu-Natal, Tira’s musical journey began at an early age. Raised in a family deeply connected to music, he was exposed to diverse genres, which ultimately shaped his distinctive style.

DJ Tira Early Life and Education

Despite facing financial constraints, Tira’s determination to pursue his musical dreams never wavered. He attended a local school in KwaHlabisa and later pursued a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Natal. This educational background equipped him with valuable skills and knowledge that would prove instrumental in his future endeavors as an artist and entrepreneur.

DJ Tira Career

In the late 1990s, DJ Tira joined the renowned South African group, Big Nuz, as a DJ and producer. The group’s phenomenal success catapulted Tira into the spotlight, thanks to his exceptional talent for mixing and producing. In 2005, he founded Afrotainment, a record label that has become a dominant force in the South African music scene.

Tira’s collaborations with artists such as DJ C’ndo, Qwabe Twins, Dladla Mshunqisi, and Tipcee have further elevated his status in the industry. As a solo artist, he’s released hit albums like “Ezase Afro Vol. 1” and “Ikhenani,” showcasing his versatility and ability to master various musical styles.

DJ Tira’s Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $2.2 million, DJ Tira has garnered significant wealth through his career. In addition to his earnings as a DJ and music producer, Tira’s ventures, including Afrotainment, endorsements, and live performances, have contributed to his financial success.

Awards and Recognition

DJ Tira’s contributions to the music industry have earned him numerous accolades. He’s received prestigious awards such as the South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Kwaito Album and Best Dance Album, as well as the Channel O Music Video Award for Most Gifted Male Video.

DJ Tira Personal Life

DJ Tira is happily married to Gugu Khathi, a successful businesswoman and fashion enthusiast. Their enduring love and shared passion for music and entrepreneurship are evident in their public appearances and social media posts. Together, they have two children and have become a role model for a harmonious and thriving relationship.


  1. What is DJ Tira’s real name?
    • DJ Tira’s real name is Mthokozisi Khathi.
  2. When was DJ Tira born?
    • DJ Tira was born on August 24, 1976.
  3. What is DJ Tira’s net worth?
    • DJ Tira’s estimated net worth is $2.2 million.
  4. What record label did DJ Tira establish?
    • DJ Tira established the record label Afrotainment in 2005.
  5. Who is DJ Tira’s wife?
    • DJ Tira is married to Gugu Khathi, a successful businesswoman and fashion enthusiast.


DJ Tira’s remarkable journey from a small village in KwaZulu-Natal to becoming a musical powerhouse in South Africa is a testament to his talent, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. With a net worth of $2.2 million, he has not only achieved personal success but has also played a significant role in shaping the South African music industry. Together with his wife, Gugu Khathi, they serve as an inspiring example of a thriving partnership in both personal and professional life.


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