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In the vibrant world of entertainment, certain individuals effortlessly captivate audiences with their talent, beauty, and charisma. Hamisa Mobetto, a renowned Tanzanian model, actress, and entrepreneur, is one such star. Born on December 10, 1994, in Tanzania, Hamisa’s journey in the entertainment industry began at a young age, and her determination and resilience have propelled her to great heights.

Hamisa Mobetto Early Life and Education:

Raised in Tanzania, Hamisa’s passion for the arts blossomed early on. Starting her career as a model, she showcased natural beauty and elegance. Despite facing challenges, she recognized the importance of education and pursued it alongside her budding career.

Hamisa Mobetto Career:

Hamisa’s career is a testament to her versatility and talent. Beginning as a model, she quickly gained recognition for her captivating presence on the runway and in photoshoots. Her ability to adapt to different fashion genres set her apart. Venturing into acting, she showcased her versatility and ability to embody diverse characters, earning critical acclaim.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Beyond modeling and acting, Hamisa Mobetto is also a savvy entrepreneur. Successfully launching her own fashion line and beauty brand, she caters to the evolving needs and tastes of her fans. Her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen have allowed her to create a name for herself beyond the entertainment realm.

Hamisa Mobetto Net Worth:

While specific details regarding Hamisa Mobetto’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, her multifaceted career and successful ventures contribute significantly to her financial success. Her modeling contracts, acting projects, and entrepreneurial ventures have undoubtedly positioned her as a financially accomplished individual.

Awards and Recognition:

Hamisa’s talent and contributions to the entertainment industry have earned her several accolades. Her modeling prowess has garnered prestigious awards and nominations, highlighting her impact on the fashion world. Additionally, her acting performances have earned praise from critics and fans alike.

Hamisa Mobetto Personal Life:

As of now, Hamisa Mobetto is not married and does not have a confirmed boyfriend. She prefers to keep her personal life private. However, she is a dedicated mother and cherishes her role as a parent alongside her pursuit of career goals.


Q: What is Hamisa Mobetto’s nationality? A: Hamisa Mobetto is Tanzanian by nationality.

Q: Can you tell us more about Hamisa’s son? A: Hamisa Mobetto has a son with Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz, which has garnered significant media attention.

Q: What are some of Hamisa’s notable entrepreneurial ventures? A: Hamisa Mobetto has successfully launched her own fashion line and beauty brand, catering to the evolving tastes of her fans.


Hamisa Mobetto’s journey from a budding model to a multifaceted entertainer and entrepreneur is a testament to her talent, determination, and versatility. Her impact on the fashion and entertainment industry is undeniable, and her entrepreneurial ventures have further solidified her place in the limelight. Balancing her personal and professional life, Hamisa continues to inspire with her unwavering pursuit of success.


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