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Jamiu Azeez, professionally known as Alabi Opomulero, is a distinguished figure in the Yoruba Nollywood industry. His remarkable talent and dedication to his craft have earned him accolades and a dedicated fan base. In this blog post, we will delve into the life, career, and achievements of this renowned Nigerian actor and film producer.

 Jamiu Azeez Early Life and Education:

Born in Lagos in the 1980s, Jamiu Azeez spent his formative years in the bustling city but hails from Kwara State. He attended SS Peter and Paul School, Morocco Comprehensive High School, and later Anguish Memorial School in Shomolu, Lagos State. His educational journey culminated at the prestigious Lagos State University, where he studied Marketing.

Inspired by Yoruba Movies:

During his upbringing, Jamiu Azeez developed a deep affinity for Yoruba movies. He cites Opeyemi Aiyeola as his role model, admiring her work and drawing inspiration from her performances.

 Jamiu Azeez Career Beginnings:

Jamiu’s passion for acting was ignited by the legendary figure, Jide Kosoko, a luminary in the world of performing arts. Under Kosoko’s influence, Jamiu honed his craft and made his breakthrough with an unforgettable role in the film “Jamail.”

Notable Filmography:

Since his debut, Jamiu Azeez has graced the silver screen with a diverse array of roles in films such as “The Ekute Onidodo,” “Journey,” “Orofo,” “Majemu,” “Olalekan Irawo,” “Igbese,” and “Arole Are,” among others. Each performance has contributed to his growing popularity and established him as a rising star in Nigerian cinema.

Jamiu Azeez’s Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of $800,000, Jamiu Azeez has amassed his wealth through his acting career and endorsement deals. His talent and dedication have undoubtedly paid off in his thriving career.

 Jamiu Azeez Personal Life:

While Jamiu Azeez is known for his public persona, he remains private about his personal life. It has been reported that he is married to Aunty Ramota, with their wedding pictures circulating online.


Q: What inspired Jamiu Azeez to pursue acting? A: Jamiu Azeez found inspiration in the legendary actor Jide Kosoko, whose influence sparked his passion for the craft.

Q: What are some of Jamiu Azeez’s notable film roles? A: Jamiu has delivered compelling performances in films like “Jamail,” “The Ekute Onidodo,” “Journey,” and many more.

Q: How did Jamiu Azeez accumulate his wealth? A: Jamiu Azeez’s net worth of $800,000 is a result of his successful acting career and endorsement deals.


Jamiu Azeez, also known as Alabi Opomulero, has left an indelible mark on the Yoruba Nollywood industry. From his early fascination with Yoruba movies to his breakout role in “Jamail,” his journey is a testament to his talent and dedication. With a net worth of $800,000, Jamiu Azeez has solidified his position as a prominent figure in Nigerian cinema. While he remains private about his personal life, his professional achievements continue to inspire and captivate audiences nationwide.


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