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Mdu Masilela, born on April 25, 1970, in Zola, Soweto, is a renowned South African musician credited with pioneering the kwaito music genre. Alongside iconic figures such as Mandoza, Boom Shaka, Trompies, Brown Dash, and Spikiri, Masilela played a pivotal role in shaping the kwaito music scene during the 1990s. In recognition of his significant contributions, he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award at the 2015 South Africa Music Awards.

Mdu Masilela Early Life and Career:

Mdu Masilela’s musical journey began in the vibrant streets of Soweto. His innovative approach to blending various musical elements gave birth to the distinct sound of kwaito, characterized by its infectious rhythms and urban lyrics. Masilela’s groundbreaking albums, including “Ipompe” (1996) and “M’Du or Die” (1998), solidified his status as a trailblazer in the industry.

Mdu Masilela Personal Life:

Masilela’s personal life has also garnered attention, particularly concerning his marital status. He is legally married to Sarah Masilela, but controversy arose when it was revealed that he had allegedly paid lobola (dowry) for his baby mama, Sibahle Dlamini, without Sarah’s consent. Sarah vehemently opposed the idea of a second wife, asserting her position as Masilela’s only spouse.

Mdu Masilela Albums and Songs:

Throughout his illustrious career, Masilela has released several acclaimed albums, including “24 Seven” (2000) and “The Godfather” (2002), each showcasing his musical versatility and creativity. Some of his popular songs, such as “Hey Kop,” “Ipompe,” and “Wolla Wolla,” have become anthems within the kwaito music scene, further cementing his legacy.

Mdu Masilela  Social Media Handles:

Twitter: @MduMasilelaMusic Instagram: @mdu_masilela Facebook: /MduMasilelaOfficial


Mdu Masilela’s influence extends far beyond the realms of music, encompassing cultural and social dimensions. His pioneering spirit and innovative approach have left an indelible mark on the South African music landscape, inspiring future generations of artists. As we celebrate his achievements, let us continue to honor his legacy and the rich tapestry of kwaito music he helped to create.


Q: What is kwaito music? A: Kwaito music is a genre that originated in South Africa during the 1990s, characterized by its fusion of house music, hip hop, and traditional African sounds. It often reflects urban youth culture and addresses social and political issues.

Q: What awards has Mdu Masilela received? A: Mdu Masilela was presented with a Lifetime Achievement award at the 2015 South Africa Music Awards in recognition of his contributions to the music industry.


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