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Oracene Price, also known as “Brandy,” is a renowned American tennis coach whose influence has shaped the careers of two of the most celebrated tennis players in history, Venus and Serena Williams. This blog post delves into the life, career, and significant contributions of Oracene Price, shedding light on her early years, coaching style, personal life, and more.

Oracene Price’s Early Life and Education:

Oracene Price was born on April 3, 1952, in Saginaw, Michigan. Raised by her father, a Mississippi Delta native working in the auto industry, Oracene pursued her education with determination. She graduated from Buena Vista High School in 1970 and later earned degrees from Western Michigan University.

Oracene Price’s Career and Coaching:

Oracene Price played a pivotal role in the success of her daughters, Venus and Serena Williams, who have collectively won numerous Grand Slam titles. Collaborating closely with her husband, Richard Williams, Oracene provided unwavering support and guidance to her daughters as they honed their tennis skills.

Beyond the tennis court, Oracene demonstrated her commitment to social causes by engaging in philanthropic efforts. She traveled to Senegal to aid in the construction of schools and ventured to Kenya alongside her daughter Serena for charitable endeavors.

Coaching Style and Influence:

Oracene Price’s coaching style is distinctive; while she may not fit the conventional mold of a tennis coach, she applied her own knowledge of the game to impart technical expertise to her daughters. Her influence extended far beyond the court, instilling in Venus and Serena a foundation of self-esteem and a dedication to extracurricular pursuits.

Oracene Price’s Personal Life and Family:

Oracene Price’s journey through life has been marked by significant personal milestones. Her first marriage to Yusef Rasheed brought forth three daughters: Yetunde Price, Lyndrea Price, and Isha Price, each carving their own unique paths in various professions.

Tragedy struck when Yusef Rasheed passed away while Oracene was working as a nurse. Later, she found love again in Richard Williams, with whom she had two more daughters, Venus and Serena. Although their marriage ended in 2002, Oracene continued to play an integral role in her daughters’ lives.

Oracene Price’s Net Worth:

Oracene Price, the accomplished tennis coach, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, reflecting her dedication and impact in the world of tennis.


What is Oracene Price’s net worth?

Oracene Price’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

What are some of Oracene Price’s contributions to charity?

Oracene Price has been involved in charitable work, including building schools in Senegal and participating in philanthropic efforts in Kenya.

How did Oracene Price influence Venus and Serena Williams’ careers?

Oracene Price played a crucial role in shaping Venus and Serena Williams’ tennis careers by providing them with technical guidance and a strong foundation of self-esteem.


Oracene Price’s journey from Saginaw, Michigan to becoming a revered tennis coach is a testament to her unwavering support and guidance for her daughters, Venus and Serena Williams. Her coaching style, combined with her dedication to philanthropy, has left an indelible mark on the world of tennis. Oracene Price’s legacy as a coach and mother continues to inspire aspiring athletes and advocates of the sport worldwide.


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