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Flights from Abuja to Lagos (Or Lagos to Abuja) are one of the most common in Nigeria. The two parts of Nigeria are regions of high economic activities including trade so, transportation must come into play. You should be aware that transportation is one of the Aids to Trade.

This is why the aviation industry has tried to improve the number of flights within these two cities. The route is actually very lucrative therefore most airlines serve them. In fact, new airlines do not serve other routes, if they have not served Abuja-Lagos.

Quite a number of people prefer air transport to road transport when it comes to Lagos-Abuja. Why spend over 10 hours on the road when you can travel the same distance for just an hour and 13 minutes. Yes, Flight from Abuja to Lagos is just 1 hour 13 minutes.

So how much can you board a flight from Abuja to Lagos? There’s only one way to find out, and that is by reading this article. Well, you might be thinking that air travels are quite expensive, but I’m here to change the narrative for you. They are not as expensive as you think. You can afford them.

How much is a Flight ticket from Abuja to Lagos?

If you would be going from Abuja to Lagos by road, you would be spending a minimum of eleven thousand nairas (N11,000) to get a bus ticket. This is very much cheaper when compared to the same journey by air.

The reason for the significant difference in ticket fees is apparent. Getting to Lagos from Abuja, on a bus will take very much longer. At least, you will spend an average of 10 hours on the road before getting to your destination.

Asides from this, when you travel by road, you will have a minimum of two stopovers on the way. This is when a bus stops for passengers to come down, ease themselves and get ready to continue the journey. You don’t want to travel for over 10 hours without alighting for a while.

This is quite unlike traveling by air. A plane ticket from Abuja to Lagos costs an average of $70 (equivalent to N35,000). This is three times the price of traveling by road, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s not limited to just travel. There are other side attractions to make your journey a lovely one.

There are no stopovers for flights from Abuja to Lagos. They are all direct tickets. Stopovers for air travel are only necessary for extremely long distances. Abuja to Lagos takes not up to 2 hours, so there is no need for any stopover. That is why they are all direct flights.

Direct Flight and Return Tickets from Abuja to Lagos

Direct flights have been explained in the aforementioned paragraph. For the sake of clarity, direct flights are also known as One-way flights and they don’t involve stopovers. There is something else I will like to add but that will be after I explain what Return tickets entail.

Return tickets are designed to take passengers to and fro. It means a passenger boarding an Abuja-Lagos flight with a return ticket will be opportune to back to Abuja with the same ticket at no extra cost. Most return tickets cost two times as much as direct flight tickets.

This would save passengers the stress and extra fees they would pay to obtain another ticket back to Abuja. As a way of appreciation, airlines deduct a token from the cost of Return flight tickets. Let’s see an example using Abuja-Lagos.

Abuja to Lagos costs $73 on a direct flight ticket. On a return ticket, the price was fixed at $144. Most return ticket fees are non-refundable. If you miss your return flight back to Abuja, you might not get refunded. It all depends on the airline’s policy.

Abuja to Lagos Flight Schedules

Now, you know how much you can get direct and return flight tickets from Abuja to Lagos. You can also see it is not as expensive as people have rumored it to be. Now, you should know the flight schedules to help you plan when you will embark on your journey.

Flight Schedules are constantly changing so giving you the flight schedule could make you outdated. It could even be outdated as at the time you are just getting to see it. So, if you want to know about the flight schedules, you should visit the website of any of the airlines serving the route.

Just so you know, there are flights from Abuja to Lagos every day. No day of the week is exempted from this. You can board a plane from Abuja to Lagos on any day you like. It could be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday.

However, there are times when flight tickets are cheap. This happens when airlines adjust their ticket prices for flights from Abuja to Lagos. It all depends on the date and time you are booking your flight. It could be $73 today and become $70 tomorrow.

From our research, we have discovered that ticket prices are cheapest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Many airlines reduce their prices during this time, so this is when the airport is usually overcrowded too.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the earliest flight from Abuja to Lagos depart?

If you have a business to catch up with very early in the morning, you might need this. The earliest flight from Abuja departs at 6:45 am and arrives in Lagos at 8:00 am. So, if you have something to do in Lagos very early, you might consider taking the earliest flight.

When does the Latest flight from Abuja to Lagos depart?


The latest flight departs from Abuja at 20:50 and arrives in Lagos at 22:05. Late-night flights are recommended if you have something to do in Lagos very early the next morning.

If at all you want to book a flight ticket from Abuja to Lagos after this time, you will be able to select departure times within the time range specified above.

What are the most popular airlines that fly from Abuja to Lagos?

There are many airlines that serve the Abuja-Lagos route. Remember I said it is very lucrative so almost every airline operates flights from Abuja to Lagos. Most popular airlines that fly from Abuja to Lagos include;
Dana Air
Air Peace
Arik Air
Asky Airlines
Aerolineas Sosa and many others.

What are the Travel Guidelines for Lagos during the COVID-19 pandemic?


If you will be traveling to Lagos by air from any part of the country or the world at large, there are some travel guidelines you must follow. This is to ensure your safety as well as that of the other passengers and crew on board.

There are entry restrictions put in place for travelers to know what and what they need to do to enter the state. These restrictions are however updated from time to time and therefore will not be the same forever. Changes are not restricted to travel guidelines alone.


In some cases, flight schedules could be changed just to limit the spread of the pandemic. If at all you will be traveling to Lagos, you should obtain the most updated information of the state from the airline you are planning to (or have booked) book your travel with. For more updated information, you should refer to COVID-19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions.


Traveling from Abuja to Lagos by road is quite economical. That’s absolutely true, but there are other reasons why Air Travel within these two cities is better. I will point out a few here.

The roads that link Abuja and Lagos have been reported to be a den of Kidnappers for a while now. People who travel this route by road are usually advised to get as much money as possible ready just in case they will need to pay ransom kidnappers.


Just like I mentioned earlier, a flight ticket from Abuja to Lagos will vary in cost depending on the airline and the time of booking. Averagely, a One-way ticket from Abuja to Lagos costs $73, which is equivalent to forty thousand nairas (N40,000).

However, a return ticket to Lagos and back to Abuja costs only $144 on average. This is equivalent to seventy-nine thousand nairas (N79,000). Please have it in mind that this price might differ from what you will meet at the airlines. This is only an average price.


Now, you also know when the plane departs from Abuja and when it lands in Lagos. Remember the earliest flight from Abuja to Lagos departs at exactly 6:45 am. On the other hand, the latest flight from Abuja to Lagos takes off at exactly 20:50.

However, this time might be adjusted for some reasons including technical faults, weather issues, etc. An airline, as well as the airport authority, must work hand-in-hand to keep every person onboard safe.


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