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Have you ever heard of Trevor Gow? He’s a South African waiter who became famous through the SABC3 docu-reality television series MAN back in 2010. Let’s delve into his story, his age, and what he’s up to now.

Who is Trevor Gow?

Trevor Gow, born on July 15, 1973, in South Africa, gained recognition as one of the four men featured in the popular television series MAN. As of 2023, he is 50 years old and continues to celebrate his birthday every year on July 15th.

Trevor Gow’s Net Worth:

Despite his humble beginnings as a waiter, Trevor Gow has managed to amass an estimated net worth of $50,000. His earnings primarily stem from his work in the service industry.


Q: Is Trevor Gow still working as a waiter? A: While Trevor Gow initially gained fame as a waiter, he later ventured into television through the series MAN. However, details about his current occupation are not widely available.

Q: How can I connect with Trevor Gow on social media? A: Unfortunately, there’s limited information available about Trevor Gow’s social media presence. It’s advisable to check various platforms using his name for any updates or official accounts.


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