Meress Visualz (JOHN AKLO JOSEPH)

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Everything you need to know about YJ Meress visualz Kaduna,the CEO,collaboration and interesting history of how the journey began.

YJ Meress Visualz

YJ MERESS VISUALZ who is originally named John aklo Joseph is a cinematographer and a fast rising Film and musical video director from the The Northern part of Nigeria, Kaduna state, he has shot some couple of musical video and also movies as well .

YJ Meress Visualz

At the moment, he is indisputably one of the most prolific music video directors in the state and gradually gaining popularity in the Nigerian movie Industry.

He has more than 20 music/comedy and movie videos to his name.

John Aklo Joseph

YJ Meress visualz has worked With top Nigerian musicians and movie stars on his list, some of which are:

  • AY Comedian
  • Ramsey Noah
  • Sani Danja
  • Akume Akume
  • Jim Iyke
  • Samuel Iheanacho
  • Chucks Chyke
  • Mary Annadinnu
  • Princess Blessing Okeke
  • Jasbi
  • Verse Blade

Meress visualz

He always said that a camera is just a tool, not the main creator.

However, Meress’s career extends beyond the background and includes runway appearances. He has featured in the several talent hunt exhibition around Nigeria.


John Aklo Joseph is also a staff on contract with Abuja film village.

Also working As Team with An NGO (IFON ) I Am the future of Nigeria youth initiative.

YJ MERESS Visualz is A member of Actors and Directors guild of Nigeria (AGN).

Meress is an active staff of the Abuja Film Village and has worked with some NGO’s and the National commission for Refugee and internally displaced persons.

Meress is part of the organisers of the famous IDP Born Talent hunt which is the first in Abuja.


Meress’s net worth is reportedly estimated at N600,000; although this cannot be independently verified.


There is no public information about John Aklo Joseph’s’s wife/girlfriend or kids at the moment.


TWITTER: Meress_Visualz

INSTAGRAM: Meress_Visualz

FACEBOOK PAGE: Meress Visualz

TIKTOK: Meress_Visualz

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