Best High Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs 2023 | How to Apply

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Best High Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs — When you buy, use, or consume a product or service, someone in the sales and marketing industry likely sold it to you or put it on your radar.

From entry-level positions like retail salespeople to jobs that require more experience and training, such as sales manager.

Our list of the Best Sales and Marketing Jobs includes a variety of careers that are ideal for someone who is a people person.

Other occupations on our 2023 Best Sales and Marketing Jobs list include marketing manager, insurance sales agent, and real estate agent.

According to a recent McKinsey survey, 83 percent of CEOs named marketing the major driving force behind their company’s growth.

As one of the most lucrative career paths today, marketing is at the forefront of business strategies and practices.

Marketing seems simple, but it gets more complex as you break it down.

If you don’t already know about marketing careers, scanning jobs online could convince you that this isn’t your dream job.

But marketing is fun.

Best High Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs | What You Need to Know

There’s not a single, definitive path to any job field. Marketing comes from people with all kinds of backgrounds — journalism, psychology, and more.

I’ve mapped out a career path as it’s the most straightforward way to jump into a marketing job. Later in this article, I’ll dive into how to get a marketing job.

Marketing a company is essentially grabbing a bullhorn and saying, “Hey! We love this company, and here’s why you should, too.”

Best High Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs | Education Required

If you’re serious about a long-term marketing career primed for growth and variety, a bachelor’s degree is the way to go.

Four-year programs teach you the skills and competencies needed to join and excel in the competitive, fast-paced landscape that is the marketing world.

They can help with public speaking, creative problem-solving, logistics, sales, and analytics.

The following degree programs can lead to a career in marketing:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism

You can combine these programs, of course, but their cost and completion time can be an issue for most students.

Marketing is also incredibly dynamic and diverse. It offers positions for people of all strengths.

Whether you’re equipped with the creative ability or analytical prowess, marketing’s got a spot for you.

In this article, we’ll break down what marketers do.

We’ll show you how you can get into marketing and the different marketing jobs that are out there. We’ll give you what you need to map out your marketing career and pinpoint your goals.

If you are targeting career growth within a profession as diverse as this, it is important to keep track of what is the highest-paying marketing job today. Let’s look at eight of those options.

Let’s get started.

What are the Best High Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs?

Being a highly sought-after profession, experienced marketers are quite well-paid. Here is our selection of the top eight highest-paying jobs in marketing.

#1 Corporate Communications Director

A corporate communications director oversees branding across public platforms and is responsible for building a positive corporate brand.

They implement effective marketing communication strategies and collaborate with executive leaders of the company to develop the company’s mission.

Salary Range: $105,651 to $130,607

#2 Marketing Research Director

Marketing research directors are marketing professionals who are responsible for handling the market research department.

They supervise the company’s research practices and have a deep-rooted knowledge of marketing development functions.

Salary Range: $167,508 to $204,746

#3 Director of Email Marketing

An email marketing director develops and implements email marketing strategies to enhance brand awareness and connect with customers. They usually manage creative and analytics teams to create and optimize successful email campaigns.

Salary Range: $58,000 to $161,000

#4 Director of Digital Marketing

They are generally responsible for overseeing the overall digital media strategy of the company.

This includes working closely with digital teams and implementing marketing strategies to enhance brand awareness.

The job role requires an in-depth knowledge of modern marketing practices and a passion for digital technologies.

Salary Range: $158,633 to $205,652

#5 Content Marketing Director

As the name suggests, these professionals handle the content aspect of the company’s marketing strategy.

This includes content, strategy, planning, development, and scheduling.

They have a detailed understanding of a wide variety of content marketing mediums across both print and digital.

Salary Range: $174,700 to $216,100

#6 Product Marketing Manager

The primary goal of a product marketing manager is to initiate the demand for a product by developing effective marketing campaigns.

This leadership position is responsible for creating and distributing key promotional campaigns that enhance the branding of the product.

Salary Range: $121,813 to $156,293

#7 Demand Generation Manager

These senior marketing professionals are experts in executing demand-generation programs and fine-tuning customer experiences.

They apply strategic knowledge and marketing tactics to drive awareness around new products or services.

Salary Range: $82,410 to $105,971

#8 Brand Marketing Manager

They work on the brand strategy ensuring that all its services, marketing, and advertising campaigns are aligned with the company’s image.

This role demands a combination of both creative and technical knowledge in marketing.

Salary Range: $63,983 to $95,112

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Marketing Directors vs Managers’ Salary

Now that you have a better idea about what the highest-paying marketing jobs are, let’s unlock the main differences between the pay scale of a marketing manager and a marketing director.

The median annual wage for a marketing manager in the US is $135,030. Whereas, a marketing director in the US would attract a median annual wage of $175,211.

The salary, however, is likely to vary based on the scale of your organization, location, and experience.

What Best High Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs Are in Demand?

Social media and content specialists, marketing analysts, and search engine marketing specialists are some of the most in-demand marketing jobs.

Now that you know what the highest paying marketing job is, develop a better understanding of what marketing is and choose from the best certificate courses in marketing and digital marketing online courses curated by experts from globally renowned universities.

Here are some of the Best High Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Sales Representative
  • Insurance Sales Agent
  • Telemarketer
  • Retail Salesperson

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