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Cynthia Akazuba, a Rwandan model and former beauty queen, has captivated hearts with her grace and charisma since her crowning as the first Miss Kigali in 2007 at the tender age of 18. Her journey from the halls of Kigali Parents’ School to becoming a renowned figure in the world of pageantry and aviation is nothing short of inspiring.

Cynthia Akazuba Early Life and Education:

Born in September 1989 in Kampala, Cynthia Akazuba is the youngest of three siblings. She was enveloped in love and care from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ijambo, Akazuba. Her educational journey saw her attend La Columbies and Kigali Parents’ School for primary education, followed by Fawe Girl’s School and Lycee de Kigali for her secondary studies. In 2011, she pursued a degree in Communication Design at the University of Rwanda, and in 2016, she furthered her studies at the University of Westminster, obtaining a Master of Science degree in Air Transport Planning and Management in 2017.

Beauty Pageantry:

Akazuba’s beauty and grace shone through, earning her the title of Miss Kigali in 2007. She became a trailblazer in a country just beginning to understand the significance of beauty pageants. Throughout her reign, she dedicated herself to advocating for the rights of people with disabilities through various media platforms.

Cynthia Akazuba Career:

Following her participation in the Miss East Africa Competition in 2009, Cynthia joined RwandAir Ltd. in 2010 as a customer service agent. Her exceptional dedication led to her being appointed as a Flight Dispatcher and later, Manager of Fleet Planning. In 2019, she reached new heights, becoming the Regional Manager of RwandAir, where she now plays a pivotal role in the airline’s operations.

Cynthia Akazuba Personal Life:

Despite her remarkable achievements, Cynthia remains grounded and true to her roots. She enjoys spending time with cherished friends, and her favorite meals include beans paired with chips or rice. Cynthia’s dedication to health and wellness is reflected in her occasional jogging routine.

Engagement and Marriage:

On July 28, 2018, Cynthia Akazuba became engaged to Gakwaya Christian, the head of the car racing association. Their engagement party was a joyous occasion held at Kimironko, followed by their wedding on August 28, 2018.


Cynthia Akazuba’s journey from a young girl in Kampala to a celebrated beauty queen and accomplished aviation professional is a testament to her determination and resilience. Her story continues to inspire, reminding us that with passion and dedication, dreams can become reality.


Q1: What awards has Cynthia Akazuba won?

Cynthia Akazuba was crowned the first Miss Kigali in 2007 and went on to become Miss East Africa in 2009, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the world of pageantry.

Q2: What is Cynthia Akazuba’s educational background?

Cynthia pursued a degree in Communication Design at the University of Rwanda and later obtained a Master of Science degree in Air Transport Planning and Management from the University of Westminster.

Q3: When did Cynthia Akazuba get engaged and married?

Cynthia Akazuba got engaged to Gakwaya Christian on July 28, 2018, and their wedding took place on August 28, 2018.

Q4: What is Cynthia Akazuba’s current role at RwandAir?

Cynthia Akazuba currently holds the position of Regional Manager at RwandAir, where she plays a crucial role in the airline’s operations.


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