[EP Album: Xakk – One Last Dream

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The direction for this artwork was derived from the title of the EP “One Last Dream.” The key word we used was “Dream.” Dreams, as we know them, have different and absurd dimensions. So for an artiste like Xakk, whose Last Dream is to attain higher heights in the music space, we decided to blend two different dimensions. Using the hood and space effect. The hood represents the struggle of Xakk as an underground artiste, and the Space effect represents the higher heights he wants to attain. Challenging himself to go beyond the norm. In other words, for Xakk, the sky is not the limit; It’s just a stepping stone. The Piano, the treble clef, music wave (on astronaut helmet), and sax represent the music creation. The radio, tv, and phone represent the medium the artiste will use to market and sell his music to the masses.

  1. Xakk – Start Point // DOWNLOAD MP3
  2. XakkYenti (feat. Amon West) // DOWNLOAD MP3
  3. Xakk – Money (feat. Zuu) // DOWNLOAD MP3
  4. Xakk – Yenda (Umura Kidding feat. Saa Boy N!) // DOWNLOAD MP3
  5. Xakk – Shatta (Truth) // DOWNLOAD MP3



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