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Ivo Alfredo Thomás Serue, known by his stage name Khea, is a prominent figure in Argentina’s rap and trap music scene. Born on April 13, 2000, in Virreyes, Argentina, Khea’s journey from humble beginnings to musical stardom is an inspiring tale of dedication and passion for music.

 Khea Early Life and Education

Growing up in a modest family, Khea’s early exposure to music came through his mother’s love for the art. Influenced by artists like Justin Bieber and the Spanish band Estopa, his musical interests took a turn when he began spending time with his older brother and friends. At the age of 13, Khea’s fascination shifted towards rap and hip-hop, with a particular interest in freestyle battles. This transformative phase led to the adoption of his stage name, Khea.

 Khea Career Milestones

Khea’s rise to prominence came with the release of the hit song “Loca,” a collaboration with fellow artists Cazzu and Duki. The music video garnered an astounding 125 million views in just three months, setting a new record for an Argentine rapper. Khea’s lyrical content often revolves around themes of romance and intimacy, resonating with a wide audience.

Notable Collaborations

Throughout his career, Khea has collaborated with a roster of renowned artists including Bad Bunny, Tini, Brytiago, and more. His work on the song “Ayer Me Llamó Mi Ex” with Aventura’s Lenny Santos further solidified his position in the music industry. With 10 million monthly Spotify listeners in 2020, Khea emerged as Argentina’s most-listened-to artist.

 Khea Personal Life and Net Worth

While Khea keeps his personal life private, there is no confirmed information about his romantic relationships. It is possible that he chooses to keep this aspect of his life away from the public eye. As for his financial success, Khea’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $3 million, a testament to his flourishing music career.


Q: What are Khea’s main musical influences?

A: Khea’s early influences include pop artists like Justin Bieber and the Spanish band Estopa. However, he transitioned to rap and hip-hop after spending time with his older brother and friends.

Q: How did Khea’s song “Loca” contribute to his fame?

A: “Loca,” a collaboration with Cazzu and Duki, propelled Khea to stardom. The music video garnered over 125 million views within the first three months of its release, making Khea the first Argentine rapper to achieve this milestone.

Q: Who are some of the notable artists Khea has collaborated with?

A: Khea has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Bad Bunny, Tini, Brytiago, and Aventura’s Lenny Santos.


Khea’s journey from a modest upbringing to becoming a trailblazing force in Argentina’s music scene is a testament to his talent and dedication. With chart-topping hits and a rapidly growing fan base, Khea’s impact on the music industry continues to resonate. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists worldwide.


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