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Linda Lizeth Caicedo Alegría, known to the world as Linda Caicedo, is a name that has been making waves in the world of Colombian football. Born on February 25, 2005, in Cali, Colombia, Linda’s journey from a young talent to a professional forward for Real Madrid and the Colombian women’s national team is nothing short of inspirational.

Linda Caicedo  Early Life and Education

Growing up in Cali alongside her parents and siblings, Linda’s roots trace back to the town of Villagorgona in western Colombia. It’s here that she developed her passion for football, a shared love with her sister Kelly Caicedo, who also excels in the sport.

Despite sharing a surname, Linda is not related to Moises Caicedo, underscoring that their prowess on the field is a testament to their individual skills and dedication.

A Remarkable Career

At a mere 14 years old, Linda embarked on her professional football journey with América de Cali, where she showcased remarkable talent and potential. However, at the age of 15, in early 2020, Linda faced an unexpected hurdle when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Her resilience shone through as she underwent surgery and persevered through six months of chemotherapy. Her indomitable spirit and skill on the field earned her accolades, including being named the best player at the 2022 Copa América Femenina.

Real Madrid Debut

In 2023, Linda took a significant step forward in her career by joining the ranks of Real Madrid. Her debut season was nothing short of spectacular, with two goals and four assists in just 10 appearances for the club.

Shining on the World Stage

Linda’s talent and passion led her to participate in the prestigious 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In Colombia’s opening match against South Korea, she scored a vital goal, showcasing her ability to shine on the international stage.

An alarming moment occurred when Linda collapsed during a training session, but her tenacity and resilience quickly reassured everyone that she was back to normal.

Linda Caicedo Personal Life and Future

As of now, Linda Caicedo is not married and is not in a relationship. She is fully focused on her promising career and seems to be dedicated to achieving greater heights in football.

With her talent, determination, and courage, Linda Caicedo is poised to make an indelible mark on the beautiful game and inspire future generations of footballers.


Q1: What is Linda Caicedo’s estimated net worth?

A1: Linda Caicedo’s estimated net worth is $10,000.

Q2: Is Linda Caicedo related to Moises Caicedo?

A2: No, Linda Caicedo is not related to Moises Caicedo. Their talents on the field are a result of individual skill and dedication to the game.


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