May Yul Edochie Biography, Yul Edochie’s First Wife, Age, Career, Family, Photos

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May Yul Edochie Biography, Yul Edochie’s First Wife, May Yul Edochie , 

May Yul Edochie and Husband

Lyon Mack Tv reports that May Yul Edochie is an entrepreneur and the first wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie.

May Yul Edochie  Age

May Yul Edochie was born on 16th September. She is in her late 30’s.

Her marriage went south in April 2022 when her husband Yul Edochie

made an announcement on his social media page that he took a second wife, Judy Austin Muoghalu and they both have a baby together. Ans was also Reported That May Yul Edochie Snatch Yul From Her Roommate Back In Their University Days From Her Friend and got Pregnant for Yul Edochie Which Led to their Early Marriage And Production of all their Kids, and Years Later Yul Edochie Took A  Second wife who is an Actress As well As the  Actor


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