NBA Geeboy :I’m Richer Than Hushpuppi,Caught Stealing

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NBA Geeboy is a very popular Instagram personality, he is 19 years of age,he has came out recently to make claims that he is much more richer than most of the Nigerian celebrities we see and tag as very rich,he mentioned artist like Davido,Wizkid and Burnaboy.

The Nigerian man who has been faking his lifestyle on social media,has been finally exposed via a trending video.

The man also claimed he is richer than Ramon Azeez Aka Hushpuppi.Most often telling fans on social media,that he is super rich,showing off wads of dollar notes in their bundles. However, thanks to a trending video,his real person has been revealed, while spotted in a video looting and carting away with items he stole from a shop during a protest.

NBA Geeboy

He has in the past accused music super stars Wizkid,Davido,and Burnaboy of stealing his swags,while also making claims of being richer than them all while flaunting N342 million in cash.

NBA Geeboy

He is identified as NBA Geeboy on Instagram, according to him,he is also richer than Hushpuppi who is also an Instagram star personality who is based in Dubai until his arrest and conviction for fraud,he bragged about being the first person to ever count $40k cash,amounting to about N15 million on Instagram live video.

NBA Geeboy

But trust social media, as nothing remains hidden forever that will not be revealed, as a trending video of him,seen with items he stole from a store during a protest, in the video he was clearly heard shouting and screaming:

Me I don loot oo! I don cash out!!!.

Many of his fans and followers have now woke up to the reality of them being deceived by his fake status on social media, that he portrayed.He has not come out either to refute those claims either. LMAO,Beware of what you see and believe on social media.

Watch video below:


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