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Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, known by her online alias Amouranth, is a prominent American model, social media personality, and streamer, celebrated for her engaging ASMR Twitch livestreams. Born on December 2, 1993, in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, Amouranth’s journey is one of creativity, determination, and a deep love for animals.

 Amouranth Early Life and Education:

Amouranth’s childhood was filled with a love for video games, anime, and a natural affinity for animals. Growing up as an only child, she developed a special bond with the creatures around her. Her passion for gaming and anime eventually led her to delve into the world of cosplay. With guidance from her aunt, she honed her sewing skills, crafting her inaugural costume for a local convention. This dedication paid off, as she triumphed in her first competition as Princess Zelda.

 Amouranth Career Beginnings:

Embracing her love for fashion and theatrical costume design, Amouranth pursued studies in these fields. Her professor recognized her talent and suggested she apply for a costume designer role with the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet. In 2015, she established her own children’s entertainment character company, garnering attention from local news outlets and even appearing on TLC’s “The Little Couple.”

The Twitch Revolution:

In 2016, Twitch beckoned Amouranth, offering her a platform to broadcast her costume-making endeavors in real-time. Almost instantly, she amassed a devoted fanbase. As time progressed, her content shifted focus towards dance, ASMR, and hot tub streaming, further solidifying her presence in the Twitch community.

Ventures Beyond Twitch:

Amouranth’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through when, in October 2021, she announced the acquisition of a gas station, leasing it to Circle K. In January 2022, she added another feather to her cap, entering the inflatable pool toy business. In a bold move, she decided to pivot away from platforms like OnlyFans, choosing to concentrate solely on Twitch starting April 2022.

Amouranth’s Net Worth:

Amouranth’s multifaceted career has propelled her to an estimated net worth of $4 million. Her journey stands as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance.

Personal Mission:

Today, Amouranth remains an avid animal lover, caring for two horses, Spirit and Kyran, along with two dogs, Nox and Bear. Her ultimate goal is to utilize her success to establish an animal sanctuary, providing a haven for unwanted and mistreated dogs and ex-racehorses.

Connect with Amouranth:

  • Instagram: @amouranthf
  • Twitter: @Amouranth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What is Amouranth’s net worth?

A: Amouranth’s estimated net worth is around $4 million.

Q: What inspired Amouranth to start creating costumes and cosplay?

A: Amouranth’s love for video games and anime in her childhood sparked her interest in creating costumes, which eventually led her to delve into cosplay.

Q: What are Amouranth’s future plans for her success?

A: Amouranth aspires to use her success to establish an animal sanctuary, providing a safe haven for unwanted and mistreated dogs and ex-racehorses.


Amouranth’s journey from a young cosplay enthusiast to a celebrated Twitch personality and entrepreneur is a testament to her dedication and love for what she does. Her story serves as an inspiration for those looking to pursue their passions and make a positive impact in the world. Follow Amouranth’s adventures on her social media channels to be a part of her incredible journey.


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