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Andrea Rajacic, a renowned Bosnian supermodel and social media influencer, has captured the hearts of many with her stunning looks and captivating presence. Born on November 30, 1986, in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Andrea has made a name for herself in the world of fashion and online influence. Notably, she is widely recognized as the girlfriend of legendary footballer Thierry Henry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Andrea’s early life, career, net worth, and her relationship with Thierry Henry.

Andrea Rajacic’s Early Life and Education

Andrea Rajacic was born to Bosnian parents, with her father identified as Neboj Rajai. While details about her mother remain private, it is evident that Andrea had a solid upbringing. Although she prefers to keep her early life and education low-key, it is clear that she received a quality education. She completed her high school education in Bosnia before venturing to the United States to further her studies.

Andrea Rajacic’s Career Journey

Andrea’s journey into the world of modeling began in her homeland, where she initially saw it as a fun pursuit. However, her determination and talent soon transformed her hobby into a thriving career. Upon relocating to the United States, Andrea took her modeling career more seriously. Her natural beauty and innate charisma helped her compile an impressive portfolio in no time. This paved the way for collaborations with esteemed companies, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the modeling industry.

Andrea Rajacic’s Net Worth

With a flourishing modeling career, Andrea Rajacic has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her earnings predominantly stem from her exceptional modeling skills, which have gained her recognition and opportunities on a global scale.

Andrea Rajacic’s Personal Life

In the realm of personal life, Andrea Rajacic’s connection with French football icon Thierry Henry is well-documented. Their journey began in 2008, when they met through a dating service. At the time, Thierry Henry had recently divorced his first wife, Claire Merry, following their marriage in 2003. The following year, Andrea and Thierry started their romantic journey together. While they are not yet married, their relationship remains strong and continues to capture the public’s interest.


Q1: How did Andrea Rajacic and Thierry Henry meet? A1: Andrea Rajacic and Thierry Henry crossed paths in 2008 through a dating service, shortly after Thierry’s divorce from his first wife.

Q2: What is Andrea Rajacic’s net worth? A2: Andrea Rajacic’s estimated net worth is $1 million, primarily earned through her successful modeling career.

Q3: Are Andrea Rajacic and Thierry Henry married? A3: As of now, Andrea Rajacic and Thierry Henry are not married, but they maintain a close and loving relationship.


Andrea Rajacic’s journey from Sarajevo to global stardom as a supermodel and social media influencer is an inspiring tale of determination and talent. Her relationship with Thierry Henry adds an extra layer of fascination to her story. With a thriving career and a net worth of $1 million, Andrea continues to leave her mark in the world of fashion and influence. We look forward to witnessing her future endeavors and the evolution of her relationship with Thierry Henry.


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