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Angel Dixon, a Kentucky native born on April 22, 2001, emerged as a prominent social media influencer and model. Her significant role in supporting her partner, American singer-songwriter Noah Thompson, played a pivotal part in his victory in the 20th season of American Idol. This article delves into the life of Angel Dixon, her early years, career, and her enduring partnership with Noah Thompson.

Angel Dixon’s Early Life and Education:

Born and raised in Louisa, Kentucky, Angel Dixon was brought up by her parents, Greg Fuggit and Sharon Workman. Greg Fuggit serves as a law enforcement official in Lawrence County, while Sharon Workman previously worked as a cashier at Walmart. Angel is the eldest of her four siblings and also has step-siblings within her extended family.

Career and Contribution to Noah’s Success:

Noah Thompson’s rise to fame came after his triumph on American Idol. Throughout the show, Noah frequently shared touching stories about his family, with a special focus on his son Walker and devoted mother, Angel. Angel’s active involvement in promoting Noah through her Instagram account played a vital role in generating support and online buzz for him, ultimately contributing to his victory.

Angel Dixon’s Personal Life and Family:

Contrary to rumors of a breakup, Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon are still together. Although professional commitments often take Noah away from home for gigs, conferences, and recording sessions, it does not diminish his commitment to his relationship with Angel and their shared responsibilities.

In 2021, after three or four years of dating, Angel and Noah welcomed their son, Walker Lee Thompson, into the world. While there was no formal announcement, Noah shared a heartwarming photo on Facebook, capturing the moment he held their newborn.


Q1: What is Angel Dixon’s occupation? A1: Angel Dixon is a model, social media personality, and influencer based in Kentucky.

Q2: How did Angel Dixon contribute to Noah Thompson’s success on American Idol? A2: Angel played a crucial role by leveraging her Instagram account to rally support for Noah, which significantly boosted his popularity and contributed to his victory.

Q3: Are Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon still together? A3: Yes, despite rumors suggesting a breakup, Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon are still in a relationship.


Angel Dixon’s journey from a small town in Kentucky to becoming a significant influencer in the entertainment industry is a testament to her determination and support for her partner, Noah Thompson. Her active involvement in Noah’s career showcases the power of social media in amplifying talent and achieving success. Together, they continue to navigate the challenges of fame while cherishing their shared responsibilities as parents to their son, Walker.


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