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Edith Nuong Faalong is a prominent figure in Ghana, known for her versatile career as an actress, journalist, writer, gender activist, and television personality. With a passion for equality and inclusive growth, she has become a leading advocate for women’s rights and a vocal supporter of affirmative action in Ghana’s parliament. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable individual.

Edith Early Life and Education:

Born in Tamale, Ghana, Edith hails from Lawra in the Upper West region. She completed her secondary education at the Aburi Girls Senior High School and later pursued her studies at the University of Ghana, majoring in geography and economics.

Edith Career:

Edith Faalong’s career took off at Media General Ghana Limited, where she joined as a broadcaster for TV3 and 3 FM in 2017. She made history as the youngest journalist and the first woman to host TV3’s current affairs program, Hot Issues. Known for her insightful analysis of social issues, Edith quickly gained recognition in the media industry.

As a member of Ghana’s parliament, Edith advocates for affirmative action and strives for equality and inclusive growth. Her dedication to women’s rights and feminist principles shines through in all aspects of her work.

Achievements in Acting:

Edith’s foray into acting brought her widespread acclaim. Her standout performance in Garrett Batty’s film, “Freetown,” earned her recognition as an actress to watch. In 2016, she clinched the Actress of the Year (Non-Nigerian) award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA), solidifying her status as a rising star in the industry.

Notable Works:

Edith has graced both the small and big screens with her talent. Her roles in TV shows like “Living with Trisha,” and films including “A Northern Affair,” “Broadway,” “Sins of Our Fathers,” and “Crime in Love” have left a lasting impact on audiences.

Edith Net Worth:

With a successful career in acting, journalism, and advocacy, Edith Nuong Faalong boasts an estimated net worth of $200,000. Her contributions to various fields have not only earned her recognition but have also paved the way for future generations.

Edith Personal Life:

While Edith has shared much about her professional endeavors, she keeps her personal life relatively private. As of now, she is not married, focusing on her impactful work in the entertainment industry and her advocacy for women’s rights.


  1. What is Edith Nuong Faalong’s background? Edith was born in Tamale, Ghana, but her roots lie in Lawra, in the Upper West region.
  2. What did Edith study in university? Edith majored in geography and economics at the University of Ghana in Legon.
  3. What are some of Edith’s notable achievements in acting? Edith received the Actress of the Year (Non-Nigerian) award at the 2016 Nigeria Entertainment Awards for her outstanding performance in “Freetown.”


Edith Nuong Faalong’s journey from a young, determined individual to a multifaceted powerhouse in Ghana’s entertainment and advocacy scene is nothing short of inspiring. Her unwavering commitment to women’s rights and inclusive growth serves as a beacon of hope for a more equitable future in Ghana and beyond.


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