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Daniel Bennett, a renowned football referee, hails from Dewsbury, England, where he was born on August 22, 1976. As of 2023, he is 47 years old and continues to mark his birthday on August 22nd every year. His journey in football refereeing has been illustrious, marked by numerous accolades and contributions to the sport.

Daniel Bennett Career Highlights:

Bennett’s exceptional skills on the field earned him the title of PSL Referee of the Season in both 2000–01 and 2010–11. He ventured into international refereeing in 2003, showcasing his expertise on a global platform. Apart from his commitments to football, Bennett is deeply involved in education, serving as a schoolteacher at Mondeor Primary in Johannesburg.

Despite his achievements, Bennett faced a setback when he missed the opportunity to officiate in the 2014 FIFA World Cup due to an injury. However, this didn’t deter his passion for the sport.

In June 2019, Bennett made a significant announcement, revealing his decision to retire from international refereeing by the end of that year. His retirement marked the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy that inspired many aspiring referees.

Daniel Bennett Social Media Handles:

  • Twitter: @DanielBennettRef
  • Instagram: @DanielBennettReferee
  • Facebook: @DanielBennettOfficial


  1. What awards has Daniel Bennett received during his career?
    • Daniel Bennett was honored with the title of PSL Referee of the Season in 2000–01 and 2010–11 for his outstanding contributions to football refereeing.
  2. Where does Daniel Bennett work apart from refereeing?
    • In addition to his role as a football referee, Daniel Bennett is a dedicated schoolteacher at Mondeor Primary in Johannesburg, showcasing his commitment to both sports and education.
  3. Why did Daniel Bennett miss the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
    • Daniel Bennett missed the 2014 FIFA World Cup due to an injury, which temporarily sidelined him from officiating in the prestigious tournament.


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