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Darren Keet, a renowned South African footballer, has made his mark in the sport with his exceptional skills as a goalkeeper. Born on August 5, 1989, in Cape Town, South Africa, Keet has garnered attention both domestically and internationally for his prowess on the field.

Darren Keet Career Highlights:

Keet began his professional journey in the South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) with the Students in 2008, quickly establishing himself as the team’s primary goalkeeper. Over the years, he showcased his talent, making 54 league appearances before securing a move to the Belgian club KV Kortrijk in June 2011.

International Success:

Representing his country, Keet made his international debut for South Africa in a friendly match against Zimbabwe in September 2013. Despite the initial loss, Keet expressed his determination to prove his worth to South Africa, setting the stage for a promising international career.

Darren Keet Family Life:

While details about Keet’s wife are scarce, it’s known that he is married and has a son. Keet has expressed his desire to explore opportunities outside of South Africa with his family, indicating a willingness to return to Europe or explore other regions.

Financial Standing:

With an estimated net worth of $500,000, Keet has secured financial stability through his football career. He earns a salary of approximately 600,000 euros per year, reflecting his value as a skilled athlete in the competitive world of football.

Darren Keet Social Media Presence:

Stay updated on Darren Keet’s journey by following him on Twitter: @popeyekeet


  1. What is Darren Keet’s current club? Darren Keet currently plays as a goalkeeper for OH Leuven in the Belgian First Division.
  2. When did Darren Keet make his international debut for South Africa? Keet made his international debut for South Africa in a friendly match against Zimbabwe on September 10, 2013.
  3. What is Darren Keet’s salary? Darren Keet earns an estimated salary of 600,000 euros per year, equivalent to 50,000 euros per month.


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