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Meet Diana Ferrus, a talented South African writer, poet, and storyteller, known for her captivating works that reflect her diverse heritage and passionate storytelling. In this blog post, we’ll delve into her background, notable achievements, and contributions to literature and social justice.

About Diana Ferrus:

Diana Ferrus was born on August 29, 1953, in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa. With mixed Khoisan and slave ancestry, her cultural roots deeply influence her creative expression. As of 2023, Diana is 70 years old, and she celebrates her birthday on August 29th every year.

Diana Ferrus Career Journey:

While serving as an administrator at the University of the Western Cape, Diana Ferrus also conducts writing workshops in Cape Town, nurturing aspiring writers. However, she gained widespread recognition for her poignant poem about Sarah Baartman, an emblematic figure in South African history. This powerful piece, crafted in 1998 during her studies at Utrecht University, played a pivotal role in bringing Baartman’s remains back to South Africa.

Diana’s Impactful Work:

Her poem about Sarah Baartman resonated deeply with audiences, leading to its adaptation into a statute in France. Additionally, Diana Ferrus is a founding member of several organizations, including the Afrikaans Skrywersvereniging (ASV), Bush Poets, and Women in Xchains, demonstrating her commitment to literature and social advocacy.

Diana Ferrus Publishers:

Diana also established her publishing house, Diana Ferrus Publishers, through which she has co-edited and authored a collection of father-daughter stories, further enriching the literary landscape.

Diana Ferrus Net Worth:

With her prolific career as a writer, poet, and storyteller, Diana Ferrus has amassed an estimated net worth of $100,000, reflecting her dedication and impact in the literary world.

Diana Ferrus Social Media Handles:

  • Twitter: @DianaFerrus
  • Instagram: @DianaFerrusOfficial
  • Facebook: @DianaFerrusAuthor


Diana Ferrus’s journey as a writer and storyteller embodies resilience, cultural pride, and a commitment to social justice. Through her evocative works, she continues to inspire audiences worldwide. Follow Diana Ferrus on social media to stay updated on her latest projects and literary endeavors.


Q: What is Diana Ferrus known for? A: Diana Ferrus is best known for her poignant poem about Sarah Baartman, which played a crucial role in repatriating Baartman’s remains to South Africa.

Q: What is Diana Ferrus’s net worth? A: Diana Ferrus has an estimated net worth of $100,000, earned through her career as a writer, poet, and storyteller.


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