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Frank Opperman, a renowned South African actor and musician, has captivated audiences with his performances for decades. Let’s delve into his life, career, and personal journey.

Frank Opperman Age and Education:

Born on June 8, 1960, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Opperman turned 63 in 2023. He completed his schooling at various institutions across South Africa, eventually graduating from Silverton High School in Pretoria in 1978. Initially pursuing law studies at the University of Pretoria, Opperman’s passion shifted towards acting after his time in the South African Defence Force. He later obtained a three-year national diploma in acting from the Pretoria Technicon.

Frank Opperman Family Life:

In 1988, Opperman married South African actress Susan Coetzer, with whom he shares an adult son named Frankie. However, the couple divorced in 1992. Since 2005, Opperman has been in a relationship with Esmarie Meyer, with whom he has a daughter born in 2006.

Frank Opperman Career Highlights:

Opperman’s career boasts a diverse range of roles across television, film, and theater. He gained recognition for his role as Ouboet van Tonder in the popular Afrikaans sitcom “Orkney Snork Nie.” He further showcased his talent in various television series like “The Big Time,” “Pandjieswinkelstories,” and “Generations.”

In addition to his television work, Opperman has ventured into music, releasing a rock album titled “Serial Boyfriend” and co-owning a jazz club called Bassline in Johannesburg.

Frank Opperman Television Roles:

Throughout his career, Opperman has portrayed memorable characters in numerous television series, including “Dancing with the Stars South Africa,” “Die Uwe Pottie Potgieter,” and “Queen Sono,” among others.

Frank Opperman Net Worth:

With his successful career, Opperman has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million.


  1. Is Frank Opperman still acting? Yes, Frank Opperman continues to actively pursue acting projects.
  2. Does Frank Opperman have children? Yes, he has a son named Frankie from his previous marriage and a daughter with his partner Esmarie Meyer.
  3. What is Frank Opperman’s net worth? Frank Opperman’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million


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