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Chibunna Stanley, professionally known as Funny Bone, is a renowned Nigerian actor and stand-up comedian whose unique brand of humor has endeared him to audiences nationwide. Born on October 28, 1985, in Imo State, Nigeria, Funny Bone’s journey to stardom is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Funny Bone’s early life, education, thriving career, and personal life, shedding light on the man behind the laughter.

Funny Bone Early Life and Education

Stanley Chibuna, or Funny Bone, as he is affectionately called, hails from Imo State, Nigeria, and was born into a lively family of seven children. His natural knack for entertaining was evident from a young age, as he regaled family and friends with his jokes and spot-on impersonations. This early passion for comedy paved the way for a successful career in entertainment.

Funny Bone pursued higher education at the University of Port Harcourt, where he obtained a degree in Theatre Arts. It was during his time at university that his comedic talent truly began to shine. His performances at campus events garnered attention, propelling him towards a promising future in the entertainment industry.

Funny Bone Career Ascension

Embarking on his comedy journey in 2008, Funny Bone quickly became a standout act at various comedy shows and events across Nigeria. His style, characterized by astute observations about Nigerian culture, politics, and everyday life, set him apart in the comedic landscape.

In addition to his stand-up career, Funny Bone made his mark as an actor, gracing the screens of Nollywood with his talent. He also ventured into radio presenting, hosting programs like “The Morning Rush” on Rhythm FM Lagos.

Awards and Accolades

Funny Bone’s dedication to his craft has not gone unnoticed. He has been honored with numerous awards, including Best Comedian in Nigeria at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards and Comedian of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards. These accolades are a testament to his impact on the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Funny Bone Personal Life

Beyond the stage, Funny Bone shares a heartwarming love story with his wife, Angel. Their union was celebrated in a vibrant wedding ceremony attended by top celebrities, further solidifying Funny Bone’s place in the hearts of many.

Funny Bone’s Net Worth

With a thriving career in both comedy and acting, Funny Bone has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $600,000, a testament to his hard work and talent.


  1. How did Funny Bone’s passion for comedy develop? Funny Bone’s early passion for comedy was evident in his entertaining family and friends with jokes and impersonations.
  2. What educational background does Funny Bone have? Funny Bone holds a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Port Harcourt and has received training in acting, voice-overs, and radio presenting.
  3. What awards has Funny Bone won? Funny Bone has won prestigious awards, including Best Comedian in Nigeria at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards and Comedian of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards.


Funny Bone’s journey from a young entertainer in Imo State to becoming one of Nigeria’s most beloved comedians and actors is an inspiring tale of dedication and passion. His impact on the Nigerian entertainment industry is palpable, and his unique style continues to bring joy to audiences across the country. With a heart full of humor and a knack for storytelling, Funny Bone is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of comedy.


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