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Jada Pollock, a renowned American talent manager, music executive, model, and entrepreneur, has been making waves in the entertainment industry for years. Born on October 10, 1987, in London, England, Jada has carved a niche for herself, managing some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Nigeria’s superstar, Wizkid. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Jada Pollock’s early life, career, personal life, and her significant contributions to the music industry.

Jada Pollock’s Early Life and Education:

Jada Pollock was born to American parents in London, England, and was raised in a supportive Christian family. Her love for music and entertainment blossomed at a young age, leading her to immerse herself in the world of music while still in school. Jada attended St. Saviour’s School, a Catholic school in the UK, for her elementary education. She then proceeded to St. Place School for her secondary education before earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Westminster.

Jada Pollock’s  Career Growth:

During her time at the university, Jada Pollock became actively involved in the arts. Her passion for fashion and modeling led her to collaborate with numerous models and creative directors. It wasn’t long before Jada ventured into talent management, successfully guiding the careers of several up-and-coming musicians in Westminister. Today, she stands as one of the world’s top talent managers, having worked with global stars such as Wizkid, Chris Brown, and Didier Drogba. In September 2021, Billboard recognized her contributions to the music industry by awarding her the title of Executive Of The Week.

Jada’s Personal Life:

While working as Akon’s manager in 2012, Jada Pollock crossed paths with Wizkid, sparking a friendship that later blossomed into a romantic relationship. Although they are not married, Jada is the mother of Zion Ayo-Balogun, Wizkid’s third child, born in 2017. Their enduring partnership, both in personal and professional realms, has been instrumental in Wizkid’s continued success.


Q1: What is Jada Pollock’s net worth?

A1: Jada Pollock, the esteemed talent manager, boasts an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Q2: Who are some of the artists Jada Pollock has worked with?

A2: Jada Pollock has managed the careers of top stars like Wizkid, Chris Brown, and Didier Drogba, solidifying her position as a top music executive.

Q3: How did Jada Pollock and Wizkid meet?

A3: Jada Pollock and Wizkid first met in 2012 when she was managing Akon. Their professional relationship blossomed into a deep friendship and later evolved into a romantic partnership.


Jada Pollock’s journey from London to becoming a powerhouse in the music industry is a testament to her dedication and passion for the arts. Her role as Wizkid’s manager and her collaborations with other global icons have solidified her status as one of the top talent managers in the world. Jada’s influence in the music industry continues to shape the careers of artists and inspire aspiring talent managers worldwide. Follow her journey on Instagram (@jada_p__) and Twitter (@jada.p).


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