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Jess Sims, born on October 3, 1990, in Peabody, Massachusetts, is a renowned Welsh educator and fitness instructor based in New York City. Her journey from the world of education to becoming a sought-after fitness trainer is an inspiring tale of passion and dedication. With a net worth of $1.5 million, Jess has made a significant mark in both fields. In this blog post, we delve into the life and career of this extraordinary individual.

Jess Sims Early Life and Education:

Raised in a mixed-race family, Jess was instilled with values of giving and a strong work ethic by her Italian mother and black father. Her love for athletics and natural leadership skills led her to excel in various sports throughout her youth. She served as team captain in three different sports during high school and continued to lead her collegiate basketball team for three years.

Jess Sims Career Shift:

Jess’s involvement with Teach for America in Houston, Texas, kickstarted her career in education. Her journey led her to positions at Harlem Village Academies, where she served as a teacher, operations director, assistant principal, and principal. Motivated by her experiences in teaching, Jess felt compelled to connect with underprivileged communities.

Transition to Fitness:

In 2016, Jess made a bold decision to pursue her deepest passion – fitness. Leaving behind a promising career in education, she began teaching boxing and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) at prominent boutique studios in New York City. Her expertise quickly gained recognition, leading to features in various media outlets and brand partnerships with industry giants like ASICS, Reebok, and Nike.

Peloton Journey:

In the fall of 2018, Jess Sims joined the Peloton family as a Tread instructor. With over two million subscribers worldwide, she now leads running, walking, bootcamp, strength, and flexibility classes. Recently, Jess introduced family-oriented content for children aged five and above, integrating her passion for health and wellness with interactive movement and learning.

Mission and Values:

Jess’s primary goal is to serve and uplift others, emphasizing the crucial connection between the mind and body. She strives to provide caregivers and children with the tools needed to cultivate active and healthy lifestyles, ensuring accessibility for individuals from all backgrounds and communities.


Q1: What is Jess Sims’ net worth? A: Jess Sims’ estimated net worth is $1.5 million, a testament to her exceptional achievements in both education and fitness.

Q2: Is Jess Sims married? A: No, Jess Sims is currently single and not married.


Jess Sims’ remarkable journey from education to fitness exemplifies the power of following one’s true calling. With a net worth of $1.5 million, Jess has not only achieved personal success but also inspired countless individuals to pursue their passions fearlessly. Her dedication to serving others and promoting holistic well-being makes her a true beacon of inspiration for people from all walks of life.

Follow Jess Sims on Instagram (@jesssims) and Twitter (@jess_sims) to stay updated with her latest endeavors and insights.


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