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Joy Millward, acclaimed as the “Queen of Street Art,” has carved out a thriving and enduring career as a graffiti artist. Alongside her artistic endeavors, Millward actively engages in political advocacy as a lobbyist. Let’s take a closer look at the fascinating life of this renowned artist and her connection to the elusive Banksy.

Joy Millward Early Life and Marriage:

Born in West Midlands, Joy Millward has been happily married to her husband, Robin Gunningham, since 2006. The couple currently resides in the picturesque town of Canningham, where they enjoy indulging in fine food and beverages. Their union has brought with it a wealth of privileges, owing to Robin’s celebrated status as an artist.

The Lobbyist Role:

In the United Kingdom, Joy Millward wears another hat as a lobbyist. In 2005, she established Principal Affairs, a lobby group dedicated to supporting charitable causes. This shows her commitment to making a positive impact on society beyond her artistic pursuits.

Robin Gunningham:

Unmasking Banksy: Robin Gunningham, Joy’s husband, is the enigmatic artist known as Banksy. Gunningham’s true identity remained a well-guarded secret for years, until a 2008 investigation by The Mail on Sunday identified him as the elusive figure behind Banksy’s creations. His controversial and thought-provoking artwork has elevated him to the status of a modern art icon.

Robin’s Background and Artistic Journey:

Born in Bristol in 1973, Robin Gunningham’s upbringing is closely associated with Banksy’s presumed origins. He attended Bristol Cathedral School, a prestigious institution, before embarking on his artistic career. His London art gallery proudly showcases a valuable collection of original works, reflecting his passion and talent as an artist.

The Wealth and Opulence:

Joy and her family lead a tranquil life in a community with minimal neighbors and visitors. Through their artistic endeavors, they have amassed substantial wealth, owning valuable assets including luxurious cars and a considerable art collection. Their success has garnered admiration and envy from those acquainted with their achievements.

The Legacy and Love:

Joy Millward takes immense pride in her husband’s profession as a professional painter, committed to preserving the legacy of the Banksy brand. Despite not disclosing her marital connection to Banksy to her family, her love and support for her husband remain unwavering.


In the realm of street art, Joy Millward stands as a remarkable figure, both for her artistic prowess and her dedication to advocacy. Her partnership with the elusive Banksy, aka Robin Gunningham, adds an intriguing layer to her story. Their shared success and commitment to their craft have brought them a life of opulence and admiration.


Q1: How did Joy Millward and Robin Gunningham meet? A1: Joy and Robin crossed paths in London in 2003 and have been happily married since 2006.

Q2: What is Principal Affairs, the lobby group founded by Joy Millward? A2: Principal Affairs is a lobby group established by Joy in 2005, dedicated to supporting charitable causes.

Q3: What is the connection between Robin Gunningham and Banksy? A3: Robin Gunningham is the elusive artist known as Banksy, whose true identity was revealed in a 2008 investigation by The Mail on Sunday.

Q4: How has Joy Millward contributed to her husband’s legacy as Banksy? A4: Joy takes immense pride in her husband’s profession as a professional painter and is committed to preserving the legacy of the Banksy brand.


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