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Meet Liam Jordan, the talented South African footballer making waves both domestically and internationally. At just 25 years old, Jordan has already carved out a successful career for himself, representing his country on the field with skill and determination. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Jordan’s journey, from his early days in Durban to his current position as a key player for FC Helsingør in the Danish 1st Division.

Who is Liam Jordan?

Liam Jordan, born on July 30, 1998, hails from Durban, South Africa. His passion for football ignited at a young age, and he has since risen through the ranks to become a prominent figure in South African football circles. Jordan’s father, Keryn Jordan, himself a former footballer, has undoubtedly been a source of inspiration and guidance throughout Liam’s career.

Liam Jordan Career Highlights:

Jordan’s professional debut came on March 17, 2015, in a match against the University of Pretoria during the 2015–16 Nedbank Cup. His talent soon caught the attention of international scouts, leading to a loan move to HB Køge in Denmark from Sporting B in January 2018. The transfer was later made permanent, solidifying Jordan’s position in European football.

On the international stage, Jordan has represented South Africa with distinction, making his senior debut against Tanzania in the 2017 COSAFA Cup. His performances have earned him praise from fans and pundits alike, establishing him as a key asset for the South Africa national team.

Liam Jordan Personal Life:

Beyond the football pitch, Liam Jordan is a family man with deep roots in the sport. His father’s legacy undoubtedly plays a significant role in shaping Liam’s career trajectory. Despite being born in South Africa, Jordan moved to New Zealand with his family in 2004, a testament to the global nature of his upbringing.

Liam Jordan Net Worth:

As a professional footballer, Liam Jordan has amassed an estimated net worth of $300,000. His earnings reflect both his skill on the field and his growing reputation in the world of football.


Liam Jordan’s story is one of talent, determination, and dedication. From humble beginnings in Durban to representing his country on the international stage, Jordan’s journey exemplifies the resilience and passion required to succeed in professional football. As he continues to make strides in his career, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this rising star.


Q: What is Liam Jordan’s date of birth? A: Liam Jordan was born on July 30, 1998.

Q: Which team does Liam Jordan currently play for? A: Liam Jordan currently plays for FC Helsingør in the Danish 1st Division.

Q: What is Liam Jordan’s estimated net worth? A: Liam Jordan’s estimated net worth is $300,000, earned through his career as a professional footballer.


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