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Ludwick Marishane, a South African inventor and entrepreneur, has made waves with his innovative product, DryBath. Despite humble beginnings, Marishane’s journey to success is inspiring. Let’s delve into his story and the creation of DryBath in simple terms.

Who is Ludwick Marishane?

Ludwick Marishane, born on May 23, 1990, in Motetema, South Africa, is a visionary entrepreneur known for his invention, DryBath. Growing up in challenging circumstances, Marishane’s determination and ingenuity led him to become a notable figure in the business world.

Ludwick Marishane Early Life and Education:

Raised amidst adversity, Marishane’s childhood wasn’t easy. However, he persevered, moving to Johannesburg with his father at eight years old. His father played a crucial role in guiding him towards the importance of education. Excelling academically, Marishane earned scholarships and eventually graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Accounting and Finance.

The Invention of DryBath:

The idea for DryBath struck Marishane at just 17 when a friend questioned why someone hadn’t invented a waterless bath solution. Determined to find a solution, Marishane conducted extensive research and developed a formula for the product. Despite initial setbacks, including a flawed prototype, Marishane’s perseverance paid off when he collaborated with Dr. Hennie du Plessis, a chemical engineer, to perfect the formula.

Success and Recognition:

Marishane’s innovation didn’t go unnoticed. He garnered accolades such as being named one of Africa’s Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs by Forbes and receiving awards from prestigious publications like TIME Magazine and Fast Company. With a net worth estimated between $10 million to $50 million, Marishane’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his resilience and creativity.

Bringing DryBath to the World:

DryBath isn’t just a product; it’s a solution to water scarcity and hygiene challenges. Sold in convenient single-use packets, DryBath caters to individual consumers as well as corporate entities like airlines and hotels. Its affordability and effectiveness make it a game-changer in personal hygiene.

Join the Movement:

Follow Ludwick Marishane’s journey on social media and stay updated on DryBath’s latest developments. Engage with us and be part of the mission to revolutionize personal hygiene worldwide.


  1. What is DryBath?
    DryBath is an all-in-one waterless bath gel invented by Ludwick Marishane, offering convenience and hygiene without the need for traditional bathing.
  2. How does DryBath work?
    DryBath is applied directly to the skin, providing cleansing and moisturizing properties without requiring water. It’s perfect for situations where water is scarce or unavailable.
  3. Where can I purchase DryBath?
    DryBath is available in single-use packets, suitable for individual consumers, and also offered in bulk for corporate clients such as airlines and hotels.
  4. Is DryBath environmentally friendly?
    Yes, DryBath promotes water conservation and reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional bathing methods.
  5. How can I support Ludwick Marishane and DryBath?
    Stay connected on social media, spread the word about DryBath’s benefits, and consider incorporating it into your personal hygiene routine to support Marishane’s vision for a cleaner, more accessible world


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