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Michael Marín Rivera, born on September 11, 1991, in Long Beach, California, is an accomplished American artist, reality TV star, and internet personality. He is the son of the late American singer, Jenni Rivera, known for her remarkable contributions to the music industry. Michael gained widespread recognition after appearing on the beloved family-focused reality television program, “The Riveras.”

Michael Marín Rivera Early Life and Education

Born to Jenni Rivera and José Trinidad Marin, Michael’s upbringing was deeply rooted in Long Beach, California. His father, José Trinidad Marin, previously worked as a restaurant manager before facing legal challenges. Michael’s mother, Jenni Rivera, was a multifaceted talent, excelling as a singer, actress, producer, philanthropist, and businesswoman.

Tragically, Jenni Rivera lost her life in a plane crash on December 9, 2012, in Monterrey, Mexico. Michael has a younger brother named Juan Angel, and three sisters, Chiquis, Jacqueline, and Jenicka.

Michael Marín Rivera Career Highlights

Michael Marín Rivera’s foray into the world of entertainment began with appearances on popular reality TV shows like “The Real” (2017), “The Riveras” (2016–2017), and “I Love Jenni” (2011-2013). “The Riveras” was a heartfelt program that documented the journey of Jenni’s children as they pursued their dreams while paying homage to their late mother.

Michael and his siblings have taken the helm of their mother’s business empire, which encompasses her fashion line, tequila brand, music ventures, and charitable foundation. The dedication to preserving Jenni Rivera’s legacy is evident in their collective efforts.

The Legacy Lives On

In a touching tribute, artist Michael Trinidad Marin once adorned the side of a building in North Long Beach, California, with a breathtaking mural of his mother, showcasing the enduring impact she had on his life and the lives of many others.

Michael Marín Rivera Net Worth

As of now, Michael Marín Rivera’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $1.5 million, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and artistic talents.

Michael Marín Rivera Personal Life

Currently, Michael is not married and does not have a girlfriend. Although he was in a romantic relationship with Drea Ibarra, they amicably parted ways. The couple dated from 2011 to 2013 and shares a beautiful daughter named Luna Amira Marin Ibarra, born on August 28, 2012.


  1. Q: What is Michael Marín Rivera’s occupation? A: Michael Marín Rivera is an accomplished artist and reality TV star.
  2. Q: What is Michael Marín Rivera’s net worth? A: Michael Marín Rivera’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million.
  3. Q: Did Michael Marín Rivera have a romantic relationship? A: Yes, Michael was in a relationship with Drea Ibarra from 2011 to 2013. They have a daughter together, Luna Amira Marin Ibarra.


Michael Marín Rivera’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of legacy and the impact of a mother’s love. Through his artistic endeavors and television appearances, he continues to honor the memory of his late mother, Jenni Rivera. With a bright future ahead, Michael’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists and reality TV enthusiasts alike.


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