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Amelia May Alcock, known by her stage name Milly Alcock, is a prominent Australian actress and internet personality, born on April 11, 2000, in Sydney, Australia. With a career that has blossomed from a school production to acclaimed roles in popular series, Alcock has garnered praise and recognition for her talent and dedication to her craft. In this blog post, we delve into the life, career, and achievements of this young and promising actress.

Milly Alcock Early Life and Education:

Raised in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia, Milly Alcock was born into a family of three siblings, with two brothers by her side. Her journey into acting began with a school production of “Red Rocking Hood.” Later, she attended the renowned Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, but her passion for acting led her to leave in 2018, after landing a significant role in the acclaimed series, Upright.

Milly Alcock Career Highlights:

Milly Alcock’s acting career took off with her teen acting debut in a 2014 episode of the Network Ten romantic comedy series, “Wonderland.” She quickly gained recognition through appearances in commercials for well-known brands like Woolworths, NBN, Cadbury, and KFC. From 2015 to 2017, she hosted short-form series on the Disney Channel in Australia, showcasing her versatility as a performer.

Notable Roles:

Alcock’s career reached new heights with named roles in web miniseries and acclaimed television dramas, including “High Life” and the third season of the ABC Television drama “Janet King.” She continued to leave a mark with her portrayal of Maya Nordenfelt in the Showcase drama “Fighting Season” and Emma Carvolth in the final season of “A Place to Call Home.” Her talent also shone through in the Netflix series “Pine Gap” and the ABC series “Les Norton.”

Breakthrough Role and Awards:

In 2019, Milly Alcock embarked on a transformative journey as the runaway teenager, Meg, in the Foxtel comedy-drama “Upright,” a role that earned her the 2018 Casting Guild of Australia Rising Star Award. Her exceptional performance earned her a nomination in the Best Comedy Performer category at the 10th AACTA Awards.

House of the Dragon and Beyond:

Alcock’s star continued to rise when she was cast as young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in the highly anticipated HBO fantasy series “House of the Dragon,” a prequel to the beloved “Game of Thrones” series. While she was later replaced in the role, this opportunity showcased her potential on the global stage.

Milly Alcock Personal Life and Relocation:

Before her pivotal role in “House of the Dragon,” Alcock resided with her family in Sydney, balancing her acting pursuits with other jobs. Following her success, she made the move to London, initially settling in Primrose Hill before finding a home in East London.


Q1: What is Milly Alcock’s net worth? A: Milly Alcock’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, a testament to her success and contributions to the entertainment industry.

Q2: Is Milly Alcock currently in a relationship? A: As of the latest information available, Milly Alcock is single.


Milly Alcock’s journey from a school production to starring in internationally acclaimed series is a testament to her talent and dedication. With a promising future ahead, she continues to inspire aspiring actors and capture the hearts of audiences worldwide. Follow her journey on Instagram (@millyalcock) and Twitter (@MillyAlcock) for more updates on her career and adventures.


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