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Mlamli Mangcala, born on April 29, 1974, in South Africa, is a versatile actor, radio presenter, and entrepreneur. He’s famously known for his portrayal of Captain Radebe on Mzansi Magic’s hit series, The Queen.

Mlamli Mangcala Age:

At 49 years old as of 2023, Mlamli Mangcala continues to captivate audiences with his performances, celebrating his birthday on April 29th each year.

Mlamli Mangcala Education:

Mlamli Mangcala pursued his education at the Cape Province University of Technology, graduating as a diagnostic radiographer, specializing in lithotripsy.

Mlamli Mangcala Family:

Married to Thotyelwa, Mlamli Mangcala is a proud father of two children.

Mlamli Mangcala Career Highlights:

Mangcala’s career spans various mediums, including television and radio. He has appeared in notable TV shows such as 90 Plein Street, Intersexions, and Shooting Stars. Additionally, he has contributed as a freelance sports presenter on Radio Umhlobo Wenene and engages in content research.

COVID-19 Battle:

Facing a challenging battle with COVID-19 after departing from The Queen, Mlamli Mangcala shared his journey through a video on Instagram. Despite grappling with bilateral pneumonia and significant weight loss during his hospitalization, he eventually recovered and was discharged.

Mlamli Mangcala Net Worth:

With a successful career in acting, Mlamli Mangcala has amassed an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Mlamli Mangcala Social Media

Follow Mlamli Mangcala’s journey and stay updated with his latest projects on Instagram: @mlamliontherun.


  1. What is Mlamli Mangcala’s profession?
    Mlamli Mangcala is an actor, radio presenter, and entrepreneur from South Africa.
  2. Which TV show did Mlamli Mangcala gain recognition for?
    Mlamli Mangcala is known for his role as Captain Radebe on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen.
  3. What was Mlamli Mangcala’s battle with COVID-19 like?
    After contracting COVID-19, Mlamli Mangcala faced severe symptoms, including bilateral pneumonia, and underwent a challenging recovery process.
  4. What is Mlamli Mangcala’s net worth?
    Mlamli Mangcala has an estimated net worth of $200,000, primarily earned through his acting career.


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