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Sam Cowen, born on August 12, 1973, in South Africa, is a renowned radio DJ. She gained fame as the co-host of the morning show, The Breakfast Express, which aired weekdays on Johannesburg’s local radio station, 947. With her infectious energy and engaging personality, Cowen became a beloved figure in the South African radio scene.

Sam Cowen  Age and Career Highlights

As of 2023, Sam Cowen is 50 years old and celebrates her birthday every year on August 12th. After her successful stint on The Breakfast Express, Cowen transitioned to the afternoon slot on 702. However, her time hosting the afternoon show was brief, and she was eventually replaced by Azania. Despite leaving radio, Cowen continued to make waves in other ventures.

Sam Cowen Achievements Beyond Radio

In 2014, Cowen achieved a remarkable feat by completing a 7.5-kilometer swim to Robben Island, facing the challenge of the coldest recorded water temperature for first-time swimmers along that route. Her determination and resilience exemplify her adventurous spirit and willingness to push boundaries beyond the confines of her radio career.

Authorship and Contributions

Apart from her radio endeavors, Cowen showcased her writing prowess by co-authoring “The Irreverent Mother’s Handbook” with Lee van Loggerenberg. This book, published in 2009, reflects Cowen’s wit and wisdom, offering insights and humor into the journey of motherhood.

Sam Cowen Net Worth and Legacy

Sam Cowen has built a successful career as a DJ and author, accumulating an estimated net worth of $200,000. Her contributions to the South African radio landscape and her adventurous spirit in pursuing challenges like the Robben Island swim have left an indelible mark on her audience.

Stay Connected

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  1. Is Sam Cowen still active in radio? No, Sam Cowen transitioned away from radio after her time on The Breakfast Express and the afternoon slot on 702. However, she continues to engage her audience through other platforms.
  2. What is Sam Cowen’s notable achievement? In 2014, Sam Cowen completed a 7.5-kilometer swim to Robben Island, facing challenging water temperatures, showcasing her determination and adventurous spirit.


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