The Top 20 Best Igbo Rappers 2021 (A must read)

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The Top 20 Best Igbo Rappers 2021 (A must read)

Below we are going to be telling you the names and everything you need to know about the top 20 Igbo rappers making the South East proud, in the Nigerian musical industry.

This is my top 20 igbo rappers, I arranged it in a descending order though. From the number 20 to the number 1.

Well, this is based on sentiment. Personal opinion. Personal preference. But then this is it.

Some of this artistes I rate them by their songs that I have heard.

Shall we?

20, F2. : I have heard just two of f2’s songs, there was this one he did with an ogene beat, he was fire. That was his song I loved the most, I really wanted to listen to him more often but then I couldn’t because I went online and I couldn’t find his songs except that same song. But rating him with that particular song? F2 would have been a very good pop culture artist.

19, Hype mc : is there anything like someone being a comic rapper? Yeah that’s this guy. I have listened to just one of his songs, a song that he featured zoro, this would have been another slow dog but then his songs stopped coming through.


18, Bosalin: everybody heard ekene Maria, who was in anambra as of 2015 or 16, that didn’t hear that song? Bosalin was the one repping otu onitsha then. I loved Bosalin but then I felt Bosalin was copying slow dog and nigga raw. He sounded like them. his lyrics and delivery wasn’t that nice for me, he was an igbo rapper. Igbo rapper that was in the market. He wasn’t more than that to me. He was just Bosalin. But then Bosalin wasn’t just a name.


17, chidey : I have listened to chidey’ s songs, two of them, the Jack and rose and then the Esther freestyle. Chidey has a very nice delivery. I count chidey as an upcoming that sells his work like a top artist. Chidey is an intelligent igbo rapper, knows the best way to present what he does, chidey and good marketing is 5 and 6, chidey is not lyrically tight. No, he is not but if you give chidey some little chance, he will take over. He knows how best to make people like something, whether the thing is good enough or not.


16, Ganish liciano : I have listened to just one of this guys song, a cover song he did that had a phyno’s beat and he is good. He happened to be one of my guy’s friend, I never knew. When I knew, I told my guy ” tell Ganish that he is good and he should do more songs”. He is lyrically tight, delivers nice but then he is not coming through.


15, Kolaboy: Kolaboy is a new face, Kolaboy is trying, really trying, but then Kolaboy is just Kolaboy, Kolaboy is putting igbo rap up, has nice marketing, maybe the record label. But Kolaboy is Kolaboy and Kolaboy is average.


14, xbusta: the Xbusta of 5star, daddy ehn, I always liked Xbusta and his unique voice, and then things he said sometimes just to get the rhymes he’s looking for ehn, Xbusta is good and most of his songs was freestyles. Xbusta was there, I don’t know if he still raps but Xbusta was here.


13, Slow dog : slow biggy, slow dog is a big man in this game, his confident when he is rapping is amazing too, you know? Someone that uses confidence to say nonsense? That is slow dog and the nonsense makes sense sometimes, nonsense that makes you smile and nodd head, nonsense that you will want to here again. But then I don’t rate slow dog that high. He is good at the kind of lines he comes up with, it’s just him, he does it well, it makes me laugh. Slow dog is a big name but I don’t rate him that high. His voice sometimes doesn’t fit in, sometimes It feels like he is struggling with the beat. Slowdog is good though.


12, Surwizzy : our unical phyno, Surwizzy blew our minds with his jagaban freestyle, he would come to show then start with that freestyle and every where will scatter. That was how I knew him, I started listening to him, his freestyles, Surwizzy is good, very good, his flows, his word mixing, his fastness. Surwizzy is very good. He would always talk about he always did freestyle with Tidinz. I always listened to any song Surwizzy did, I loon forward to them, he mothered unek ekpo. Surwizzy just needs exposure Shaa. I’m sure Surwizzy will put a smile on everyones face.


11, Lucy Q: zoro brought Lucy Q, girl is soo good, Lucy Q will do better than splash just that she might not be appreciated as splash because splash had this simplicity when it comes to rap but Lucy doesn’t. Lucy is tight, mad and fast. Lucy is another female to happen to igbo rap after splash.


10, splash: splash baby, I started listening to splash after onye ije that she did with phyno, splash is good with her two line rhymes, it doesn’t pass two lines.splash was simplicity in rap. It was her signature, I don’t know what happened to her, she just left us like that, I think she came back to do agege with vector then and she did a song with Cynthia morgan but she didn’t rap. But splash was here. I loved splash. I will always tell people that in igbo rap, a female came and her her name was splash.


9, lil sensor : Lil sensor is my guy from onitsha, nkpor to be precise, the Ofili that you all who grew in nkpor know. Ofili is the next thing to happen in the rap industry, the other day he posted a video where he was freestyling for slow dog, slow dog said “Nna igbu go m”, ofili has so many awards like this, I think he has won onitsha got talent twice and one other rap awards. Ofili is really talented, he is going places already. I know that he will blow. Boy is sooo good. His flows, his fastness, the rhymes, the word mixing, the street. He is good.


8, b shine : I started listening to bshine when he was like 12 or so, he did a song then that sold in enugu, any barbing saloon you come, they always played the song, but then have you listened to bshine now? Bshine is fire, bshine has been able to keep the little fans he gathered then till now, talk about small boy that you would always see in the midst of big boys. Yes bshine. He is good. Soo good.


7, Nigga raw: I respect nigga raw, Mr raw as he changed it to, he started all this, he put it on and others followed suit, but truth is that if Mr raw had started now, he wouldn’t have made it, he was good, he was real, his songs most times had good contents and his voice, that deep voice but then I do not really like his flows, I love his simplicity. he is a better and more serious slow dog. But we can’t talk about igbo rap without nigga raw.


6, Rhatti: Rhatti, New Rhatti, king Rhatti of penthouse, the one that did the last rap in warlords with olamide. Rhatti is soo good, very good. Rhatti can rap and Rhatti can sing but Rhatti spits lines, Rhatti is street, Rhatti is complete, his fllows ehn. Everything about Rhatti is Joy.


5, quincy : the indoor street guy, quincy is the youngsix of igbo rap, the erigga of igbo rap. If you really listen to young six and erigga, you will love quincy. If you are a work boy, you will love quincy. The small boy with big God. Quincy is street and street is quincy. Gboys no dey carry this one play.


4, Illbliss : Illbliss goretti, oga boss, have you listened to Illbliss English raps? He will Rival your best rappers but then his igbo raps. Illbliss is Illbliss, unique and has a unique voice, lines galore. Sometimes I feel he is underrated ehn. What comes out from his mouth sometimes is bomb. Illbliss happened to igbo rap..


3, Nuno : zigi zigi ra, nuno is vibeeee, nuno is street, nuno is the closest person to phyno when it comes to igbo rap, he doesn’t have that versatility but nuno gives joy, if you have or if you take time to listen to nuno, you will know that nuno is the next to take from where phyno stops in rap. Nuno has that phyno rapstyle and that alone is amazing.


2, Tidinz : when people one to talk about fast rap and they don’t talk about Tidinz, they don’t sound sane to me. When it comes to fast rap in igbo? It’s Tidinz, no other person comes close. No, not zoro, not phyno. Fast rap is Tidinz. The only problem with Tidinz is just that outside fast rap, there’s no other rap he delivers well.


1, Zoro : I started listening to zoro from 042, I really liked that song ehn, then he did otu onitsha, and boom I was all over him. Zoro is good, zoro is unique with his unique rap style, the pop culture that he does? His imperfect cadence, the way he put his words? Zoro is just zoro, I doubt if he can be copied.

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