Tiwa Savage: I’m not ashamed of leaked sex tape (Video)

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Tiwa Savage: I'm not ashamed of leaked sex tape

Everything Tiwa Savage said about her viral se×tape with her lover,as she reveals she is neither afraid nor ashamed.

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage’s alleged leaked sextape has gone viral. The 10 second clip shows the Nigerian star in a compromising situation. In a radio interview, Tiwa revealed that the video was leaked by an unspecified individual who was trying to extort her.

“My road manager sent me a video on my phone and asked me to check it out,” she said. According to her, she identified the video as that of her and her current boyfriend.

“I asked where did you get this?” She reveals that the fraudster demanded some amount of money.”I thought to myself that it would be unfair for me to bow to someone who is trying to blackmail with the intent to extort me.”

Asked how the video got into the wrong hands, Tiwa said her boyfriend accidentally posted it on Snapchat before quickly deleting it. She suspects that the video was downloaded before it could be deleted.

“The problem is once you pay them off, it becomes a recurrent and never ending habit since they’re still in position of the video. The individuals keep swindling you down to your knees without mercy.” Tiwa insists that she was not ready to lose an exaggerated amount of money to put out an Internet moment captured with the person she is currently dating opting to face her demons and explain to his family the ordeal.

“Sadly, I lost my dad a while back so he will not be a part of this but I will have to explain it to my mother and son. For my son, I might have to wait a bit longer until he is a bit older and in his mid teens since I’m aware some disgruntled character may still be out there trying to approach him as a way of bullying,” she said.

Tiwa and her management team decided to go ahead of the narrative with an explainer before the story leaked entirely. “I’m not ashamed of it. It’s with the person I’m dating and none of us are cheating. We are all grown ups caught in an awkward situation,” she said.

“I look at the video and be like why now because this is so embarrassing at a time when the music is so good and my expanding fanbase may judge me. I know it will be there forever with different memes to it but what to do in a wicked world,” she pondered.

Tiwa just released her latest jam Somebody’s Son featuring America’s RnB sensation Brandy. In just 4 days, the video had surpassed 5 million views on YouTube.




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