Top 7 List Of Best Beaches In Lagos 2022

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Now This Are Top 7 List Of Best Beaches In Lagos 2022

Top 7 List Of Best Beaches In Lagos 2022

What feeling beats being by the shore of an ocean and enjoying the soothing and relaxing action of wind on the waters? Nothing else, I guess. The swash of the ocean is quite a thing that many beach visitors fancy a lot.

People visit the beach for plenty of reasons. For some, they see the beach as where to go when they feel down and want to be alone. The tranquility of the water body could serve as a solution for them. This might not be possible now as most beaches are usually crowded.

Others go to the beach to have fun. Most people go to the beach to have as much fun as they like. Since the beach is usually visited nowadays, you might want to mingle with other people as you enjoy the fresh air on the shore.

With the stress and day-to-day hustling in Lagos, you might consider it a great idea to visit the beach one of these days. There are many of them in the state. In fact, Lagos State is made up of over 80% water. This is to show you how much it is surrounded by water.

As a way of controlling this excess water, many solutions have been made such as the creation of beaches. Beaches are formed naturally, but man has already found a way to initiate or modify the process. I will not be going into these details.

So, what are the best beaches to chill at in Lagos this year? You will find out in this article. Some of these places have been in existence for a very long time while some were newly-formed. Whichever time it was formed, we are only concerned with the best of them all.

Top Beaches in Lagos, their locations, and Brief Information.

There are over 30 beaches in Lagos State, Nigeria. Some of these are privately owned while others are owned by the government. For the private beaches, the government collects dues from them regularly, and of course, they are more expensive than the public ones.

Elegushi Private Beach Resort:

Elegushi private beach

Located at Lekki, Lagos State, Elegushi Beach is among the many private beaches of the state. It is owned by the Elegushi Royal family in Lekki, Lagos State. The beach is regarded as one of the best in the state and Nigeria, at large.

Every week, Elegushi Beach welcomes approximately 40,000 guests including Sundays. Many guests in fact, over half of this figure, visit the beach on Sundays. This proves the reliability of the resort in general.

Eleko Private Beach:

Another private beach in the economic center of the country, Lagos State is Eleko Beach. It is called that because it is located in Eleko, Lekki Peninsula. Lekki Peninsula is about 30 miles east of Lagos Island in Nigeria. The beach opened in 1989.

Kuramo Beach:

Known for its unique sandiness, Kuramo beach is located on the South Side of Victoria Island, which is east of the famous Bar Beach and south of the Kuramo Waters lagoon. A long time ago, it was the base of numerous shanties and cabins to conduct illegal activities.

The 2012 Surge of the Atlantic Ocean hit the beach and destroyed some of these shacks. This prompted the government to destroy the remaining shacks and they began to refill the sand. Aside from all these, it is a beautiful place to spend your free time.

Oniru Beach:

Oniru Beach is yet another private beach in Lagos. It is also owned and managed by a Royal family, the Royal family of Oniru, which is a suburb of Victoria Island. Oniru Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the state.

Aside from its popularity, its proximity to many parts of the state makes it frequently visited by citizens and tourists. It is close to both the mainland and the island. No matter where you are in Lagos, the Oniru beach will be closer to you than any other beach resort.

Speaking of its neatness and quietness, especially in the day, the beach becomes very crowded in the evenings and weekends. The reason why beaches become crowded at weekends is not far-fetched. Everyone working in Lagos takes a break during weekends.

During the evenings and weekends, Oniru beach becomes a perfect spot to have as much fun as possible. So if you need to be alone at the beach, you can visit during the weekdays. However, for the weekends, the fun never ends.

Landmark Beach:

Opened in December 2018, Landmark beach is another private beach located in Oniru, Lagos. It is very close to the Oniru Private Beach. If you are the type that cherishes your family fun and outing, you should try out this place.

Landmark beach has facilities for both young and old and stands as one of the best in the state. Due to its location, you do not need to travel hundreds of miles to get here. Oniru is just a few miles from anywhere you’re residing in Lagos.

Landmark beach also offers accommodation services at the Landmark hotel for you and your family to spend time and enjoy together at the Serene and secure environment of the Landmark village.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort:

La Campagne Tropicana is a private 60-acre beach resort in Lekki, Lagos. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort combines African-themed hospitality with modern luxury. The beach resort has been patronized by world-class dignitaries including ex-presidents, ministers, and monarchs. La Campagne is regarded as one of the best beach resorts in Nigeria.

Tarkwa Bay Beach:

Tarkwa Bay is amongst the popular beaches on Lagos Island. However, it is an artificial sheltered beach which is located near the Lagos harbor in Nigeria. Tarkwa Bay is located on the island. This means that you can not get to it by road.

Due to its island status, you can only visit Tarkwa Bay by boat or water taxis. If you are interested in visiting, there are many places to get a boat such as Marina, Melee Jetty, and Tarzan Marine.

The beach is popular with swimmers and water-sports enthusiasts. So, if you are the type that derives fun in watching water sports, you should not hesitate to visit Tarkwa Bay.


You might be wondering (in fact, you should) why I did not mention the famous Lagos Bar Beach among the Best Beaches in the State. The Bar Beach has been known to be the best of all beaches in Lagos and Nigeria, for a very long time.

Unfortunately, our Bar Beach is no more. Bar Beach was a beach on the Atlantic Ocean along the shoreline of Lagos. The Bar Beach was mostly popular during the time Lagos was the capital of the country. It is situated on Victoria Island.

One of the problems the Bar Beach had was that it was known for flooding the area and in the process, claimed lives and properties. Even the Ahmadu Bello way, which was the road closest to its banks, was closed for this reason. Efforts were made to reduce, or better still stop this problem.

Around 2003, a suggestion for constructing a modern city on the Atlantic coast was publicly discussed. It was said that this could help in controlling the flooding in the area. They had a go-ahead with the project.

The Eko Atlantic City of today used to be our famous Bar Beach. It was sited on Bar Beach. Eko Atlantic City is a residential and business district that stands on 10 million square meters of land reclaimed from the ocean and protected by an 8.5 kilometer-long sea wall.

Before and during the construction of the Eko Atlantic City (Still under construction though), many feared that the modern city would be taken down by the ocean when the time comes. However, the science and technology behind the innovation was quite one of a kind.

The construction of the Eko Atlantic City began in 2008 and was commissioned in 2016 by the former Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode. Nigerians, most particularly Lagosians, believed we achieved a new feat with this but, did we?

Yes, we did, to an extent, however. After the Eko Atlantic City was commissioned, the flooding reduced but started again, not as deadly as it was before but this time, spread to larger places.

The continuing flooding in Lagos, especially Lagos Island has been blamed on the Lagos Atlantic City. The project has been criticized for having a design flaw that may contribute to continuing flooding in the state, because of its high receptiveness to rising tides, as it is based on an artificial sandbar directly adjacent to the ocean.

There was once a storm surge in the particular area where the Eko Atlantic construction was taking place, which killed up to 20 people. Aside from this, there have been other dangerous flooding in the state, blamed on this new project.

So, if you were expecting to see Bar Beach in my list, sorry you can’t find it here. The resorts mentioned in this piece are quite worth the hype that was given to them. You can trust me on that.


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