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Winnie Ntshaba, also known as Bawinile Ntshaba, is a talented South African actress celebrated for her captivating roles in television series. With a career spanning decades, she has earned recognition for her portrayal of memorable characters, including Khethiwe Buthelezi in Generations season 1. Let’s delve into her journey, from her education to her successful acting career and personal life.

About Winnie Ntshaba:

Born on September 1, 1975, in South Africa, Winnie Ntshaba discovered her passion for acting early on. She pursued her interest by obtaining a BA Drama Honours degree from the University of Natal (Durban) in 1997. With her education as a foundation, she ventured into the entertainment industry, where she has made a significant impact.

Television Roles:

Winnie Ntshaba’s talent shines through her various television roles. She has graced screens in popular series such as Generations, where she portrayed the character of Khethiwe Buthelezi. Additionally, she has showcased her versatility in shows like Broken Vows, Jozi Streets, MTV Shuga, and The Road, captivating audiences with her performances.

Winnie Ntshaba Personal Life:

In her personal life, Winnie Ntshaba was previously married to Thabo Modise, although the marriage ended in divorce after seven years. Despite this, they maintain an amicable relationship as they co-parent their son, Phenyo, demonstrating their commitment to family.

Winnie Ntshaba Net Worth:

As a seasoned actress, Winnie Ntshaba has amassed a commendable net worth estimated at $200,000. Her earnings stem from her successful acting career, where she has continuously delivered memorable performances on screen.

Winnie Ntshaba Social Media:

Stay updated with Winnie Ntshaba’s latest projects and insights by following her on social media:

  • Instagram: @winnientshabaofficial
  • Twitter: @winnientshaba


Q: What is Winnie Ntshaba’s full name? A: Winnie Ntshaba’s full name is Bawinile Ntshaba.

Q: When was Winnie Ntshaba born? A: Winnie Ntshaba was born on September 1, 1975.

Q: What is Winnie Ntshaba’s net worth? A: Winnie Ntshaba’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000, earned primarily from her acting career.


Winnie Ntshaba’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to her talent and dedication. From her early days as a drama student to her acclaimed performances on television, she continues to captivate audiences with her skillful portrayal of diverse characters. As she embarks on new projects, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing more of her remarkable talent on screen.


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